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Criticism of RTVE for emphasizing on medical team treatment of a fan.

By b0oua Mar 1, 2024

Two times during the encounter between Athletic Bilbao and Atlético de Madrid, he was rendered unable to move and required medical treatment. Both of these incidents occurred during the contest.

As a result of the Copa del Rey encounter that took place on Thursday, February 29, La 1 was able to assert its dominance throughout a significant portion of the evening. The second leg of the semifinals between Athletic Club and Atlético de Madrid was the most watched event of the day,

with a share of 22.6% and 3,174,000 viewers. The match took place at the San Mamés stadium in Bilbao. In the aftermath of the Leones’ victory over the Colchoneros, which they achieved by scoring three goals, viewers of RTVE’s broadcast of the match expressed their strong disapproval of a health incident that occurred with one of the Basque team’s supporters.

Due to the illness of a fan of Athletic Bilbao, the match had to be abruptly stopped for a short period of time in the 36th minute of the first half. As the game was able to resume in a short amount of time, there was nothing particularly significant about it. The director of RTVE, who decided to concentrate on the stands, was the target of criticism. Furthermore, the fan could be seen receiving assistance from the San Mamés health and security staff while being observed by other members of the audience. It seemed as though the fan had passed out.

Shortly after he was treated to, the action was resumed on the field. Now, focusing directly on the fan was something that viewers disapproved of. This is because the photographs in question addressed the privacy of an anonymous person, which is something that does not typically occur in LaLiga broadcasts. This is done in order to preserve the audience’s private. “What is it about concentrating one’s attention directly on a fan who was receiving care during the event? A supporter wrote on his X account (which was formerly known as Twitter) that “you are a terrible shame.”

My opinion is that it is quite unfortunate that the coverage of the Copa del Rey that was broadcast on RTVE was centered on the supporter who was receiving medical attention from the medical staff. If I go to watch a game, I believe that I will be able to be seen in the image; however, if I need to be treated for a medical emergency, I will not be able to do so. This is what we mean when we talk about intimacy,” stated another user of the internet on the same social network. “It is astonishing that there is a fan that is being treated by the toilets, and they are plugging him in and removing his face from him. Imagine the shock that would be felt by the family if they saw that,” stated another person.

“I don’t understand the need to keep the camera fixed in the place where some health workers are treating a fan who has felt unwell,” remarked another follower. “It’s not really necessary to keep the camera there.” “The families of individuals who are sitting in that stand must be on the edge of having a heart attack since they do not know who the fan with whom they are providing care is. “Please refrain from broadcasting those images!” cries another user of the internet.

The case received even more criticism when it was considered that the second half of the game began a little bit later than the first half. This was due to the fact that another spectator experienced a medical emergency, which required him to be carried out of the stadium on a stretcher.

A circumstance that resulted in the second half beginning later than expected, as was brought to the attention of one of the commentators. One could observe, through the use of social media platforms, how the spectator was transported out of the stadium on a stretcher. Now, in contrast to what occurred with the first fan, the production decided to go with a general shot, which demonstrated that the paramedics were removing someone from the scene, but it was impossible to determine who it was.

A critic made the observation that this action had been taken in order to safeguard his privacy, which was something that had not been the case with the initial fan. Consequently, the number of complaints rose.–65e1bee346d6f#goto4994

By b0oua

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