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After violent escape, neo-Nazi convict and accomplice arrested

By b0oua Mar 22, 2024

The city of Los Angeles) Following a violent escape that occurred during a hospital visit in Idaho, a neo-Nazi inmate and his accomplice were apprehended on Thursday in the United States.

Both individuals are suspected of killing two people while they were on the run away from the authorities.

The arrest of the two males took occurred “around 2 p.m. this afternoon” in Twin Falls, which is a small town in this western American state, according to the explanation that was provided by Boise police chief Ron Winegar during a news conference.

After what he described as “a brief chase,” the two males were taken into custody without any guns being fired, he said.

According to Lieutenant Colonel Sheldon Kelley of the Idaho State Police, who is in charge of the investigation, the two individuals may have been responsible for the deaths of two individuals during their 36-hour run.

His explanation was as follows: “We are investigating two homicides that were committed in different locations […] that could potentially be linked to this case.”

After making a spectacular escape on Wednesday about two in the morning, the two suspects became the focus of a massive manhunt and were featured prominently on the main page of news stations across the globe.

Skylar Meade was not only a member of the white supremacist gang known as the “Aryan Knights,” but she was also a designated dangerous inmate who was held in solitary confinement. On the other hand, an armed accomplice attacked the jail guards who were watching him while he was at the hospital in Boise, and as a result, he was able to escape in the middle of the night.

Nicholas Umphenour was found to be the person responsible for the crime. Within the course of the assault, he allegedly caused injuries to two prison officers. The third jail guard was hurt when police officers who were transported to the hospital mistook him for the shooter and caused him to sustain injuries.

According to the authorities, the two individuals, who both have severely tattooed faces and shaved heads, were once jailed in the same prison at one point in time.

The month of January saw the release of Nicholas Umphenour. Since 2016, Skylar Meade had been serving a term of twenty years in prison for the shooting of a law enforcement officer when he was pursuing the officer.

According to Mr. Winegar, the lives of the three employees of the correctional facility who were hurt are not in risk.

Following an assault on prison officers at a hospital in Idaho, two members of a white supremacist gang have been apprehended by law enforcement, and authorities are currently investigating into whether or not they were responsible for the deaths of two individuals while they were on the run.

Following an assault on prisons officers at a Boise hospital, the police made two arrests on Thursday for members of a white supremacist gang. One of the individuals detained was an inmate from an Idaho jail, and the other was the accomplice who assisted him in escaping. The investigation is currently looking into whether or not the two individuals killed two people while they were on the run.

After a brief automobile pursuit on Thursday afternoon near Twin Falls, some 130 miles (209 kilometers) from the hospital, Skylar Meade, the escaped inmate, and Nicholas Umphenour, the man who authorities allege shot two Idaho prisons officials early Wednesday morning in order to break Meade out of custody, were taken into custody.

During a press conference held on Thursday, the authorities announced that they were conducting an investigation into two homicides that occurred in Clearwater County and Nez Perce County, which is located on the border with Washington state. Each of the victims was a male. When the police arrived at the scene of one of the murders, they discovered shackles, and Lieutenant Colonel Sheldon Kelley of the Idaho State Police stated that this was one of the ways that they bound the victims together.

This information was shared on Facebook by the Clearwater County Sheriff’s Office, which stated that it had received a request for a welfare check on Wednesday evening and that deputies discovered a deceased man. When the call came in, the suspects were reportedly many hours away from the county, according to the reports from the office. Any other information was not disclosed.

As a result of Meade’s firing at a sheriff’s sergeant as he was engaged in a high-speed pursuit, he was given a sentence of twenty years in prison in 2017. In the month of January, Umphenour was released from the same prison, which was the Idaho Maximum Security Institution in Kuna, which is located south of Boise. Officials stated that the two had been housed together on occasion, that they were both members of the Aryan Knights prison gang, and that they had friends in and out of jail that they shared with one another.

The assault on the officers of the Idaho Department of Correction took place in the ambulance bay at Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center at approximately two minutes after two o’clock in the morning on Wednesday. They were in the process of getting ready to return Meade to the jail. It was earlier in the night when he was taken to the hospital because he had wounded himself, according to the officials.

Following the ambush, the police said that one of the officers who had been shot by Umphenour was in critical but stable condition, while the other cop who had been injured had serious injuries that were not considered to be life-threatening. When a responding police officer saw an armed person near the door of the correctional facility, he incorrectly believed that the gunman was still in the emergency room. As a result, he opened fire, causing a third justice officer to incur injuries that were not considered to be life-threatening.

On Thursday, the Director of Corrections, Josh Tewalt, announced that one of the guards had been discharged from the hospital, and that the other two guards are stable and making progress.



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