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Blinken pursues Gaza ceasefire talks.

By b0oua Mar 22, 2024

During the tour to the Middle East, Secretary of State Antony Blinken of the United States met with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi in Cairo on Thursday. The purpose of the meeting was to talk about the possibility of achieving a truce in Gaza.

In an interview with Arab television, Mr. Blinken stated that the United States was working toward the establishment of an immediate ceasefire that would be linked to the release of hostages. He also stated that a deal that would bring about this end would provide immediate assistance to the Palestinians who are suffering in Gaza.

According to the American ambassador, “I believe that the gap is narrowing, and I believe that it is very likely that an agreement will be reached.”

According to him, the United States of America has developed a resolution that will be presented to the United Nations for the aim of addressing this matter.

This week, ceasefire discussions restarted in Qatar with the intention of achieving a six-week respite in violence that would allow for the release of forty Israeli hostages in exchange for hundreds of Palestinian inmates.

However, the most significant issue is that Hamas continues to insist that it will only free the captives if it is part of a settlement that would bring an end to the war, while Israel is only interested in discussing a brief pause in the conflict.

An official from the United States stated that Mr. Blinken’s negotiations with Saudi Arabia over the terms for a future normalization of relations with Israel had made great progress, and that there were only a few problems that remained unresolved between the two parties.

Prior to the attack that took place on October 7, the White House had been making efforts to get Riyadh to recognize Israel in exchange for the United States providing security guarantees for Saudi Arabia.

A final two-state solution between Israel and the Palestinians is what Washington wants, according to the current interpretation of the larger regional context, which places such an agreement in the context of the larger regional context.

During the time that Mr. Blinken is in the region, tensions are rising between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Joe Biden. These tensions are a result of Israeli plans to launch a military assault on the city of Rafah, which is located in the southern part of Gaza.

Rafah is a city located on the southern edge of Gaza that is home to more than half of the 2.3 million population of the territory. President Biden has urged for the postponement of plans for a ground attack on Rafah.

This request has been turned down by Mr. Netanyahu.

Israeli Strategic Affairs Minister Ron Dermer stated in an interview on Thursday that Israel would take control of Rafah even if it caused a split with the United States. He stated that Rafah is the last bastion of Hamas, and that Israel will take control of it anyway.

Mr. Dermer is a member of a high-level Israeli team that will visit the United States in the coming days for discussions at the White House regarding Israel’s plans for the Rafah offensive, measures to protect civilians, and humanitarian supplies. These discussions will address the aforementioned topics.

Reuters was the source of some of the information that was used in this story.

A shooter opened fire on an Israeli vehicle on Friday morning at the Talmon-Dolev Junction in the West Bank, according to the Israeli military, which stated that members of the Israeli military were exchanging fire with the assailant.

According to the military, there were no reports of injuries, and the vehicle sustained damage. Additionally, the military stated that an exchange of fire was initiated with the particular individual.

In order to facilitate the delivery of supplies to the Gaza Strip, the foreign ministers of the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, and Qatar have demanded that all border crossings between the Gaza Strip and Israel be opened.

The ministers, who were meeting in Cairo to address the Gaza war, emphasized the urgent need to negotiate a comprehensive and rapid ceasefire, according to a joint statement that was released by the ministers.

They demanded that Israel remove all of the obstacles that are preventing aid from reaching the more than two million Palestinians who are currently suffering from starvation in Gaza.

The ministers of Arab countries reaffirmed their opposition to any efforts that would include the displacement of Palestinians from the enclave and the elimination of the Palestinian cause.

According to the joint declaration, assistance need to be provided to the United Nations body that supports Palestinian refugees.

It was emphasized by the ministers that Israel must avoid from taking acts that undermine the prospects of a just peace. These actions include settlements and efforts to alter the historical and legal status of Jerusalem, especially the holy sites that are associated with both Christianity and Islam.

Thursday was the day when Cairo played host to a gathering of ministers of the highest rank, where they discussed the continuing Israeli attack in Gaza and…

As part of the efforts to negotiate a ceasefire that is both lasting and sustainable, the United Kingdom and Australia have called for “an immediate cessation of fighting” in Gaza. This would not only allow aid to pass, but it would also allow captives to be released.

Following a ministerial consultation meeting, the two countries issued a joint statement in which they asked Israel to make it possible for humanitarian aid to provide assistance to Palestinians living in Gaza.

All of the hostages should be released immediately and without conditions, and civilians should be protected, according to repeated appeals from the United Kingdom and Australia.

They also expressed “deep concern at the potentially devastating consequences” for the civilian population of the city of Rafah, which is located in the southern region of the country, regarding an Israeli ground offensive.

It was repeated that the United Kingdom and Australia are in favor of a two-state solution.

According to the Wafa news agency, an Israeli bombardment that took place on Friday morning located close to the city of Rafah resulted in the deaths of at least eight Palestinians.

Houses in the town of Al Nassr, which is located in the southern Gaza Strip and is north-east of Rafah city, were reportedly targeted by Israeli airplanes, according to sources.

According to the sources, there are two ladies and three children among those who have passed away.

According to a report from The Times of Israel, Secretary of State Antony Blinken of the United States of America is scheduled to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his military cabinet today.

Following discussions with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman on Wednesday in Jeddah and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah in Cairo on Thursday, Mr. Blinken will go to Israel. These meetings took place on Wednesday and Thursday respectively.

The Israeli military is expected to continue its siege of Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza city for “several more days,” according to their statement.

As the fifth day of the operation approaches, Israel has issued an order to evacuate the compound and has threatened to blow up the building once more.

Naval spokesman for the Israeli military, Admiral Daniel Hagari, issued a statement in which he stated that “the fighting continues inside the hospital buildings.”

He went on to say that Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad fighters had trapped themselves inside the emergency department building.

During the siege, Israeli soldiers have taken over 500 people into custody. According to the Israeli military, 358 of those suspects were members of Hamas or Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

In addition, Admiral Hagari stated that the Israeli military had detained “very senior officials.”

Hamas has denied that it sent fighters to Al Shifa and that it used the hospital as a base of operations.

Israel stated that approximately 220 patients who were confined within the building were going to be relocated to a another location.

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