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Who are ‘Los Petazetaz’?

By b0oua Feb 27, 2024

They drugged the victims and recorded the attacks, which took place in their home in Villa de Vallecas.

Both were arrested by the National Police of Madrid this Tuesday.

Iván and Hernán, ‘Los Petazetaz’.Iván and Hernán, ‘Los Petazetaz’.INSTAGRAM
Iván and Hernán, these are the names of the two young people behind the ‘Los Petazetaz’ account , who were arrested by the National Police this Monday for drugging and sexually assaulting at least four underage girls in Madrid.

His fame began on Tiktok , mainly through viral videos and collaborations with other accounts already established on the social network, such as that of Sergio Fernández, known as ‘The goalkeeper of Tiktok’.

According to the police investigation, the two influencers are accused of luring minors to the home of one of them in Villa de Vallecas, drugging them and sexually assaulting them , taking advantage of their popularity. On their Instagram, they have more than forty thousand followers.

Since this Tuesday, their profiles have begun to be deleted and privatized on social networks , but there are still signs that indicate that they had more than 400,000 followers on one of the TikTok accounts called @hernycool .

Same figure that they still maintain in another account that has changed its name to @tarjetazos, but was previously called @Team Coco . In this one, the profile photo is now a man with a question mark and it says in the description: “We will be back, shortly…”.

Another message found on social networks belongs to the Instagram account @henrycool, also deleted. There Hernán wrote: “When I ate, we all ate. When I lost, I lost alone. I will never forget that. If you do it, you pay for it . “

Both would define themselves as a “peculiar duo” and would do interviews on the street, tell anecdotes or even hunt a goose with a Chinese accent . Anything to find virality.

They made money promoting energy drinks and attending events and clubs as guests. At the same time, they used their influence to attract minors to an apartment in Vallecas, the Police suspect.

By b0oua

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