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We must help women overcome barriers to motherhood.

By b0oua Mar 8, 2024

The Minister of Family, Youth, and Social Affairs, Ana Dávila, was interviewed for this article.

An official visit to the set of ‘Buenos Días, Madrid’ was made by Ana Dávila, the Minister of Family, Youth, and Social Affairs, on Friday, which coincided with the celebration of International Women’s Day at 8 o’clock. Dávila has made reference to the two rallies that are scheduled to take place this coming Friday afternoon in the central area of Madrid.

One of the demonstrations will favor the Trans Law, while the other will oppose it. It has been brought to the attention of the counselor that “the inequalities that the Trans Law and the Yes is Yes Law have generated due to the lack of protection that it has led women to experience.”

“In the political and work sphere, I have had the same opportunities as men,” Dávila stated, explaining his personal experience and stating that he had experienced the same things. Without anyone directing us or imposing quotas on us, I believe that women should develop on their own merits and without anyone else’s interference.

When asked about the statements made by the Vice President, Yolanda Díaz, regarding Ayuso, in which the leader of Sumar stated that the regional president forces Madrid women to become mothers, Dávila provided an explanation that “Ayuso’s policies are based on women not having to give up being mothers, so that we can help them, and in that situation, we have a birth plan that is pioneering in Europe.”

In addition, she stated that it is necessary for us to assist women in overcoming the challenges that hinder them from becoming moms.

In this regard, he has expressed his disapproval of the measures that Pedro Sánchez is implementing according to this interpretation. It is important to note that the government of the country in which we live is not dedicated to the birth rate.

He is of the opinion that the Family Law will be met with “great difficulties” by the executive branch of Sánchez’s administration since “it invades regional powers.” “We will appeal to the family law if the final text is in line with the current one.”

In addition, Dávila has discussed the Amnesty Law in his remarks. According to the psychologist “we need Europe to set its eyes on Spain and help us in this very regrettable process in which all types of crimes are going to be forgiven.”

The counselor has pointed out that “the Government of Pedro Sánchez generates many inequalities and the Community of Madrid needs that financing system to be reformulated.” This is in reference to the question of whether or not the disparities that exist between certain communities and others may become even more pronounced in terms of regional financing.

Additionally, Dávila has made reference to the significant delays that the Cercanías are experiencing on this particular Friday. The guidance counselor mentioned that “the Community of Madrid has been asking for a long time to reactivate investment in Cercanías so that users do not have to suffer this neglect of the Ministry of Transport.”

By b0oua

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