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‘Old Woman’s Day’ is officially celebrated in Laguna de Duero.

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To celebrate the Day of the Old Woman in Laguna de Duero, they have successfully created an omelet that weighs 300 kilograms and is made from 900 eggs. This is done in order to honor the elderly women of the region.

Old Lady’s Day was the culmination of a series of celebrations that took place over the course of many days in the municipality of Laguna de Duero. There was a parade on the main day, and there was also a creation of a potato omelette with chorizo that was created using 900 eggs and 300 kilograms of chorizo, and it was distributed in 130 pieces.

Is it healthy to eat a tortilla skewer for breakfast? The dish that is the topic of conversation first thing in the morning.
An assortment of events have been organized in the lovely town of Laguna de Duero, which is situated in the province of Valladolid. The culmination of these events is the Old Woman’s Day celebration, which will take place on Wednesday, March 6. However, due to the remarkable accomplishment of preparing a massive omelette filled with 900 eggs, this hamlet has been the center of attention throughout the entirety of Spain.

As part of Gastronomic Tortilla Week, which took place from March 1 to March 6, the City Council issued a challenge to proprietors of bars and restaurants, asking them to come up with one-of-a-kind tortillas that embodied the spirit of the festival. This created an opportunity for participants to have a culinary experience. According to the newspaper El Español, the experience is enriching.

Myths regarding the mixed sandwich and the risks it poses to one’s health are being debunked. In Vigo, a client places an order for a tortilla sandwich, but they do not believe the ticket. They say, “I already know where not to come back”. How to cook a potato omelette is one of the most often asked questions in Spain, and the CIS concludes with this question.

Huge tortillas in size

As we have already indicated, the most important event was the Day of the Old Woman, which was commemorated by a customary procession that started at twelve o’clock in the morning and made its way through the main streets, leading the inhabitants to the recreational area of Los Valles.

For the occasion of the event, Jesús Martín Repiso, who was also responsible for the preparation of the bull meat stew with potatoes that was served during the celebrations of the patron saint, crafted a massive potato omelet that was distributed among the individuals who were there.

The most typical aspect of the celebration was celebrated at 4:30 p.m., and it consisted of popular games and the tasting of the enormous omelet, which was a masterpiece consisting of 900 eggs and 300 kilograms. The omelet was divided into 130 portions and delivered to all of the attendees of the event. The process of turning it over was, without a doubt, pretty difficult. In order to cook the enormous dinner, it was necessary to have 150 kilograms of potatoes, 900 eggs, 18 kilograms of jijas, 15 kilograms of onions, and 15 liters of oil.

Also noteworthy was the second iteration of the Potato Tortilla Contest, which took place this year. In this competition, the registered entrants presented their best tortillas to a panel of judges who were experts in the field. Both Carlos Nicolás Burgos, who took home the first award, and Aurora Arribas, who took home the second prize, were victorious this year. A total of thirteen individuals took part in the competition.

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Not to dye the eggs pastel colors or even to hide them for children to find, a group of volunteers in the little town of Bessières, which is located in the southern region of France, collect 15,000 eggs every Easter. In the wee hours of the morning on Easter Monday, they will break open the enormous pile, add two pounds of salt, one pound of pepper, and a pail of herbs, and then thoroughly combine all of these ingredients in enormous pots. A another group of people, all of whom are wearing tall chef’s hats, pour a dozen liters of duck fat into a frying pan that is thirteen feet wide and weighs more than a ton. Then, using enormous wooden paddles, they make a massive omelet.

And in a year that has been fraught with many difficulties, such as the avian flu and the increasing price of eggs, which has turned the breakfast staple into a near-luxury for many people, the omelet will be portioned out and handed to the thousands of eager viewers for the same price as it has always been: free.–4otjhb2rnfabary


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