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Israel-Hamas War. Biden proposes a Gaza port, Israel returns bodies… Latest news

By b0oua Mar 8, 2024

US President Joe Biden has ordered the US military to build a port in Gaza to deliver more humanitarian aid. For its part, Israel has returned dozens of bodies exhumed in recent weeks in the Gaza Strip to the authorities of the Palestinian territory. We take stock of the latest information surrounding the conflict.

The UN, for its part, recalled that neither air support, as was the case in recent days, nor support by sea, will be enough to replace land-based humanitarian support.

As the Gaza war entered its sixth month today, UN relief chief Martin Griffiths says these are six facts that should “keep us all awake at night”.

He said more than half a million people are on the brink of famine and children are dying of hunger while only half of planned aid missions for February were allowed in by Israel.

Lawlessness is hindering aid distribution, “last resort” aid deliveries like airdrops are becoming increasingly common, and more than 160 UN staff have been killed, Griffiths said.

The under-secretary-general for humanitarian affairs and emergency relief also pointed out that the remaining captives in Gaza have not yet been released.

Will airdrops of food help the people of Gaza on the brink of famine?

That’s the case the Biden administration is making to the public as Israeli war cabinet minister Benny Gantz visited Washington this week.

Meanwhile, as Israel blocks aid, Palestinians are being forced to take extreme measures to avoid starvation.

Gaza resident Nariman Abu al-Saud gave birth to a daughter on October 9, two days after the war began.

“At the current prices, I can’t even buy food for my children,” she said. “My baby daughter gets awful skin infections because I can’t get nappies,” she said. “There’s no baby formula even.”

With the vast majority of Gaza’s population displaced and desperately needed aid only trickling in, health officials have reported that 20 people in the enclave have died from malnutrition and dehydration.

The World Food Programme said on Tuesday that Israel must allow road access to northern Gaza to avoid famine, highlighting how desperate the situation is.

A group of top UN experts said in a statement that “international crimes continue to take place on a daily basis in the Gaza Strip” by the Israeli military.

The experts, including UN special rapporteurs on extrajudicial executions and torture, said the October 7 attack by armed Palestinians may have seen actions amounting to enforced disappearances and ill-treatment of captives.

They also said Israel’s actions since have resulted in the “deaths of tens of thousands of protected persons, including a large number of children, women and the elderly, which may amount to grave breaches of international humanitarian law and international human rights law, including war crimes and crimes against humanity”.

Their statement welcomed provisional rulings by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) for Israel to stop acts constituting genocide, but warned that “much more needs to be urgently done in order to effectively and measurably stop any further carnage in Gaza”.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has been targeted with a new lawsuit by students and a nonprofit organisation alleging it allows anti-Semitism on campus.

The lawsuit says students have “suffered injury to themselves and their educational experience” and have felt unsafe attending classes, with some professors leaving the university.

The lawsuit is demanding that the top US university undertake preventive measures including firing staff and expelling students who engage in perceived anti-Semitic behaviour.

It wants the university to communicate to the school community that it will “condemn, investigate, and punish any conduct that harasses members of the Jewish community, or others on the basis of their ethnic or ancestral background.”

A statement from MIT said the university does not typically comment on pending litigation, and that it has established processes concerning discrimination and harassment in place.

By b0oua

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