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Unknown metal monolith found in desert near Las Vegas, US

By b0oua Jun 20, 2024

On Monday, June 17, Las Vegas police found a mirror-covered metal monolith in the middle of the Nevada desert.

Ounidentified item. In the middle of the Nevada desert, Las Vegas police in the United States found a curious chunk of reflective metal. The monolith was found on a hiking trail close to Gass hill, a hill north of the Las Vegas Valley, according to local officers, who posted their discovery on social media.

“We witness many strange behaviors among hikers, such as inadequate water and weather preparation. nonetheless, have a look at this! ┬╗stated the American authorities, adding that the monolith was found by its search and rescue teams, who did not know how it got there.

The oblong rectangle object is shown in social media images taken in the middle of the outdoors, reflecting the surrounding landscapes with its sparkling surfaces.

2020 will see a string of enigmatic apparitions

There have been other unexplained enigmatic monolithic appearances throughout the United States. A metal obelisk was reported to have appeared in the middle of Las Vegas in December 2020, beneath the Fremont Street Experience’s canopy, according to American media outlet ABC News. In November 2020, a similar-looking monolith was also found in an isolated area of Utah; however, it vanished a few days later.

Following the United States, a metal monolith likewise emerged in Romania and then vanished, leaving no trace of its origin. This enigmatic block had appeared and then vanished in several other European nations.

Over the weekend, a strange monolith sprouted in the Nevada desert, raising questions about what it might be and who might be responsible.

The Las Vegas Police Department reported seeing the structure while on a search and rescue operation north of the Las Vegas Valley.

We notice a lot of strange things. nonetheless, have a look at this!” the cops wrote on social media.

The monolith bears resemblance to other similarly perplexing ones that surfaced globally in 2020.

About an hour north of Las Vegas, close to Gass Peak, a hiking destination in the Nevada desert, was where the towering, rectangular, reflective building was observed.

The monolith seems to be tucked away in some rough ground in images posted by authorities on social media.

HOW did it ascend to that level? On social media, the Las Vegas Police Department made the request.

The monolith is somewhat reminiscent to those in Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 film 2001: A Space Odyssey.

The famous film, based on the novel by novelist Arthur C. Clarke, features imposing black monoliths made by an invisible extraterrestrial culture.

About four years ago, monoliths resembling the Nevada one started to sprout in several parts of the planet, including the desert of Utah.

When a chopper pilot flying overhead discovered that one in November 2020, local officials were left perplexed.

Around the same period, one was discovered in California, one on the Isle of Wight in the English Channel, and another in Romania.

There was conjecture back then over their possible identity, with some speculating that they might have been a component of an artwork. However, nobody has ever come forward to say they were responsible for the buildings afterward.

More recently, in March, another stone was discovered atop a hill in Wales. Although the sculpture appeared to be precisely level, observers were unable to determine who may have placed it there.

Authorities in Las Vegas used their most recent discovery to encourage hikers in the Nevada desert to dress appropriately for the heat and to stay safe, even though the meaning of the monoliths is still unknown.–6673d54a68071#goto8322–u42573000


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