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Nuclear weapons: tensions spur arsenal modernization

By b0oua Jun 19, 2024

According to a research that was released on Monday, June 17, nuclear nations are in the process of updating their arsenals, while at the same time, geopolitical tensions throughout the world are increasing. “Take a step back,” the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute recommended those in positions of authority.

Researchers stated on Monday, June 17, that nuclear nations are updating their arsenals in response to the growing geopolitical tensions around the world. They urged world leaders to “step back and think” about the situation.

It was stated by Wilfred Wan, who is the director of the Weapons of Mass Destruction program at the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (Sipri), that “nuclear weapons have never played such an important role in international relations since the Cold War began.”

It is Russia and the United States that are in the lead.

Russia, the United States of America, France, India, China, Israel, the United Kingdom, Pakistan, and North Korea are the nine states that possess nuclear weapons. All of these states have upgraded their nuclear arsenals, and several of them have deployed new systems in the country in the year 2023.

In January, there were roughly 9,585 nuclear weapons available for potential use out of the total of around 12,121 nuclear warheads that were in existence around the world. Two thousand and one hundred of them were maintained in a state of “high operational alert” for ballistic missiles.

Nearly all of these nuclear warheads are owned by Russia and the United States, two countries that together are in possession of ninety percent of the nuclear weapons in the United States.

The estimations provided by Sipri also indicate that China possesses “some warheads on high operational alert” for the very first time. This means that they are prepared for quick deployment. Dan Smith, the director of Sipri, issued a warning with the following statement: “We are currently living through one of the most dangerous periods in human history.”

An inclination that needs to “pick upspeed

Political rivalries, economic inequities, ecological disruptions, and the acceleration of the weapons race are only few of the many factors that contribute to conflict and instability. We are about to enter the abyss, and it is time for the big powers to take a step back and analyze the situation. Together, if at all possible. «

In February of 2023, Russia made the announcement that it would be withdrawing from the New Sart Treaty, which was described as “the last control treaty (…) imitating the strategic nuclear forces of Russia and the United States.” Additionally, Sipri mentioned that in May of 2024, Moscow carried out drills on the Ukrainian border that involved the maneuvering of tactical nuclear weapons.

In spite of the fact that “the total number of nuclear warheads continues to decline as weapons from the Cold War era are gradually dismantled,” there is a discernible rise in the “number of operational nuclear warheads” from one year to the next. it was the director of Sipri who expressed regret at the nuclear powers’ participation. He went on to say that this pattern would continue going forward and would “probably accelerate” in the years to come.!-paraguay-by-ecolait-paraguay

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