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A family demands $80,000 from NASA after space debris hits their home.

By b0oua Jun 22, 2024

An object that weighed around 700 kilos struck the house of a resident of a town in Florida in the month of March, causing a hole to appear in both the roof and the floor of the house. The family insists that NASA pay them a compensation of eighty thousand dollars.

In spite of the fact that it is an extremely uncommon occurrence, it has managed to get people talking in the United States. An attorney made the announcement on Friday, June 21, that a family from the United States is suing NASA for more than $80,000 in compensation for the damage that was caused by a space debris that penetrated the roof of their home a few months ago.

According to a statement released by the law company that is representing the family, the problem of space debris is rapidly expanding in tandem with the expansion of the space industry. The manner in which NASA reacts to this request will establish a significant precedent. He made the observation that this decision will serve as “the foundations on which the legal landscape will be built in this area.”

Alejandro Otero, a citizen of a community in Florida, had his home damaged by an object that weighed roughly 700 grams on March 8, 2024. The effect of the impact was to create a hole in both the roof and the floor of the house.

After conducting an investigation, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) determined that the object originated from a cargo of used batteries that were transported to the International Space Station (ISS). These batteries were released in 2021 and the American space agency had guaranteed that they would return to Earth in a “safe” manner. On the other hand, contrary to what was anticipated, a component “survived” during re-entry into the atmosphere, as stated by the space agency.

What was hoped for was “adequate compensation.”

When the impact occurred, Alejandro Otero was not present in the house, in contrast to his son, who was there. According to attorney Mica Nguyen Worthy, “My clients are seeking adequate compensation to take into account the stress and consequences this event has had on their lives,” and she mentioned that they are seeking recompense. “They are happy that no one was injured, but … if the debris had fallen a few meters in another direction, there could have been serious injury or death .”

According to the press release, the funds must also be used to cover, among other things, material damage that is not covered by insurance. The request was made as a part of a document that allowed for an appeal to be submitted to the government in the event that carelessness occurred. The possibility of legal action will be present in the event that the issue is not handled in this manner.

Within the framework of an international treaty, the attorney contends that “the United States would have been absolutely obligated to pay for these damages” in the event that the object had landed on a residence located in another country. It is our request that NASA not apply a different regulation to people who are citizens or residents of the United States.

Her emphasis was placed on the fact that “space debris constitutes a real and serious problem due to the increase in space traffic in recent years,” which is particularly relevant. It has been stated by the attorney that NASA has a period of six months to react to the request, despite the fact that the organization did not immediately answer to a request.–66766e60872c0#goto8447—Eczemaron-Cream-Revie/10688779–eczemaron-cream-review-2024-india-906881982


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