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The five best Spanish podcast apps

By b0oua Jun 28, 2024

At this time, there are hundreds of applications that allow users to listen to podcasts; however, we recommend five of the most effective applications in their respective categories.

Podcasts have emerged as one of the most popular “companion” in Spain, and they are now commonly found during bus and metro stops, as well as during periods of downtime. It is now typical for a number of people in our circle to listen to at least a couple of podcasts, despite the fact that podcasts are an evolution of radio to new times.

Aside from the content, the primary distinction between traditional radio and podcasts is that the latter do not require the listener to be there in order to experience them, although some podcasts do offer the opportunity to do so. These contents, much like streaming content, are consumed in accordance with the user’s preferences.

In addition, we do not require a transistor in order to listen to them. Since they are entirely digital, the cell phone is one of the most popular media for broadcasting our podcasts. However, it is recommended that we access them through programs that arrange them and make it easier for us to enjoy them.

During this episode of ConsumoClaro, we are going to take a look at some of the most popular podcast listening applications that are available for both Android and iOS devices. Ivoox, number one
This podcast application is superior to all others. When it comes to listening to this content, Ivoox remains one of the top platforms available, and most importantly, it is completely free.

Ivoox has a longer lifespan than other applications, which is one of its best features. Because it is considered to be one of the “classics” in the field of podcasting, this website has virtually all of the programs that have ever been produced.

Moreover, the typical features that are included in an application of this kind are provided, such as the ability to subscribe, download episodes, build lists, and so on. In conclusion, and despite the passage of time, it is still one of the most advantageous choices.

Spotify, number two
If we listen to music through Spotify, why don’t we also choose to listen to podcasts on the same platform? For the past few years, it appears that the music platform has shown an interest in content creators distributing their programs on the app as well.

Due to this reason, there are a great number of programs that are currently available that automatically post their episodes to Spotify. It is not that it is the finest app for listening to podcasts because it does not offer anything that is particularly unique in comparison to other apps; but, depending on the circumstances, it might be the best app for having the most convenience.

3. An Addict to Podcasts and Radio
If you are seeking for a more comprehensive platform, the Podcast & Radio Addict program, which is only available for Android devices, can be a significant improvement in terms of quality. Not only does Podcast & Radio Addict offer podcasts, but it also provides access to a selection of radio stations and audiobooks.

In addition, it makes use of the search engines that are the Apple Podcast and The Podcast index, in addition to its own, which results in a substantial amount of content. It is also compatible with Twitch and YouTube, with the exception that only the videos can be listened to. However, it is compatible with both platforms.

Additionally, it enables you to construct playlists that contain a variety of themes, and in the event that you want to save some time, it can even speed up the playback speed. Podcast from the Podium
It is especially true if we are looking for original content that Podium Podcast is one of the greatest podcast platforms that are now available. To begin, it offers a vast collection of podcasts in Spanish, which range from those that are purely entertaining to those that are instructional.

In the second place, the content of this application is quite distinct from that of the other programs. The episodes of Podium Podcast can be listened to on the web as well as through the application, which is accessible for both iOS and Android devices.

This is TuneIn Radio.
One more of the applications that is the most comprehensive. TuneIn is a platform that, in addition to providing a vast library of podcasts, allows users to listen to traditional radio stations that are categorized into various categories (such as music, sports, and so on). On the other hand, if you want to skip advertisements, you can pay for it.

Additionally, TuneIn is quite adaptable with reference to platforms. The website, a mobile application that is compatible with both iOS and Android, and a different version for Windows 10 are all available. Consequently, it is one of the most handy options for us if we want to listen to our podcasts whenever we want and on any device we want.

Another two things to keep in mind
In the event that any of the aforementioned choices do not meet our expectations or do not satisfy our preferences, there are a great many alternative possibilities available. However, here at ConsumoClaro, we would like to highlight two other options that might be suitable for certain situations:

It’s hilarious. The application is a podcast that focuses on humorous content. You can find comedic monologues or humorous fictions written by comedians in it; indeed, the most of them are written in English. If, on the other hand, we are looking to have a good time and laugh, then this can be the best choice for us.
It is audible. In 2020, Amazon introduced its podcast platform in Spain, following a successful launch in the United States, where it received strong welcome. There are over 9,000 audiobooks and 25 original productions in Spanish that are exclusive to this program and cannot be found in any other application. You are need to pay a subscription fee of 9.99 euros, as is always the case.–667e62d8d3bd6#goto8715–667e905068b39#goto8735

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