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WAH Madrid: the world’s best musical and gastronomy show

By b0oua Jun 27, 2024

For those who are living in a dystopian future in which music has been completely outlawed, WAH is the sole secret location where they can experience it once again. Get involved with WAH right away! As on the 7th of October at IFEMA.

In reality, we are confronted with a new idea of entertainment, a true explosion of feelings that will transform the general public into much more than spectators; they will become members of WAH Madrid. WAH Madrid is not simply a show; it is the Cirque du Soleil of music.

The most spectacular musical and gastronomic show in the world, WAH Madrid, will be arriving to IFEMA MADRID on October 7th, the following year. The production, which has never been seen before in Spain, is a presentation that brings together a significant amount of the talent that is currently present on the worldwide market. It is performed in the most authentic Las Vegas and Broadway style.

Using a format that is disruptive and a staging that is dramatic, it depicts the story of a dystopian future in which music has been forbidden and suppressed by the Omegas. Consequently, WAH Madrid is the only stronghold where you may still take pleasure in it currently. In that location, the viewer will have the opportunity to rediscover the best songs in history that were rescued by members of WAH. In an incredible creative project, which was signed by the international production firm MUSIC HAS NO LIMITS and led by its Co-Founder and Creative Director, Derámo, there are both bad people and good guys who are battling for the emancipation of music.

Dinner, a good time, and a spectacular conclusion

To what extent, however, is it conceivable to combine musical talent with the most remarkable dining experience that has ever been witnessed at a display? It is correct to say that.

As part of the exhibition, WAH Madrid includes a WAH Food Hall that spans over 2,000 square meters and features twelve different gastronomy stations along with exhibition Cooking. This hall takes visitors on a culinary trip through the cuisines of the five continents, complete with live performances and various other activities. With delicacies that are brought directly from the best cuisines in the world, the best goods from Iberia, gourmet hamburgers, the largest Asian signature offering, and the largest vegan offering for a show in Europe, WAH Madrid is the place to be for those who are passionate about gastronomy and entertainment at the highest level.

Music, fun, supper, and an epic conclusion to the party that culminates in the ideal location to have a drink or a cocktail in the style of the top nightclubs in New York City are all included in this spectacular event. In addition, WAH Madrid has a VIP room that is reserved to guests and features a bar as well as table service, allowing patrons to dine while watching the show.

An unique collecting point will be provided by Uber, the primary sponsor of WAH Madrid. This point will be situated a few meters away from the event, within close proximity to pavilion 2 of IFEMA MADRID. In this manner, attendees will have access to a transportation alternative that is both secure and dependable, which will make it easier for them to return to their hotel or home when the show has over.

Cultural events in Madrid continue to be at the forefront of innovation, entertainment, and surprise year after year. Madrid is a city that is known for its cultural events. Live music, interpretation, food, and, of course, performance are all elements that are incorporated into WAH, which is a wonderful presentation that combines a variety of artistic disciplines. The enormous Food Hall and theater are consistently packed with people who are looking for an exciting experience. You can get your tickets here if you want to experience it for the very first time, or if you want to keep going back and playing it over and over again.

Is there anything you would do if they prohibited music? Wow! If you want to know the answer to your inquiry, Madrid is the experience and the world of its own that is contained within the city. In this scenario, music is prohibited, but it is nonetheless played covertly at the parties that are conducted in the IFEMA Pavilion 2.

The fact that it has established itself as one of the world’s top necessary experiences in the city that does not skimp on audiovisual media and cutting-edge technology cannot come as a surprise.

Each month, WAH Madrid gathers again to place bets on the most talented artists and the most delicious cuisine. The definition of WAH Madrid is not easy to pin down. However, it is not impossible. To begin, we find ourselves at the entrance to a different world, a story in which we will play a role similar to that of the protagonist. So, here we go.

On the Omega Nation, music has been prohibited. But what if, in that world where there is no music, a handful of rebels organized secret parties in order to maintain it sounding more vibrant than it ever has before? Hello, my name is WAH Madrid. When you attend the “hidden” party, you will have the opportunity to sample dishes from various cuisines from across the world, and you will also have the opportunity to dance nonstop while commemorating hymns from throughout the history of music.

In addition, children who are younger than 12 years old are permitted to attend free of charge during the morning sessions that take place on Saturdays and Sundays.–667d0ec1c3e23#goto8671—-saudi-arabia-763703114


By b0oua

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