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Spanish ‘wins’ and ‘fails’ comedy ends after 16 years.

By b0oua Jun 29, 2024

In the span of sixteen years, elRellano has established itself as the foremost authority on humor and cyber entertainment in the Spanish language. It is only one individual who is responsible for keeping the website up to date. Despite the fact that many people mistook it for a pornographic website in its early years, it became a major success after it appeared in a number of minutes of the television show “Crónicas marcianas.” There is a lot of difficulty in determining what was hilarious in the early 2000s because entries on the website are removed after ten years.

Many Internet users were able to exchange films from ‘El Informal’ or of falls over email or MSN Messenger before to the arrival of ‘Te bañaste, Edgar’ and WhatsApp groups. This was made possible by her. Or phone jokes similar to those found in the show “Anda ya.” As they searched for videos, photographs, or audios on Ozú, they laughed at the same time. Nevertheless, this one does not make it through, but our protagonist does stay alive. We are discussing elRellano, which is one of the oldest Spanish humor blogs on the internet and which, even now, sixteen years after it was first launched, continues to show signs of life.

The year 2000 marked the beginning of elRellano. More specifically, on the 23rd of April Book Day. After then, Toni Barragán, the person who devised it, was employed as a designer at a newspaper. Barragán, who does not want to display his face (“what I always want is for the page to be the protagonist, not the person behind it,” he says to, devoted his spare time to computing. He does not like to expose his face.

One of the things that drew my attention was the Internet issue,” he explains. elLellano was one of the first pages that he built as a pastime, and it stands out among the others. There, he published all of the entertaining content that his pals had sent him via email (yep, much like those chains that you received more than a decade ago). One could say that it served as a focal point for everything that he got via email, including all of the jokes and videos… A point that is shared by any and all individuals.” He used the World Wide Web as a platform to experiment with the HTML language, which was relatively new at the time. When compared to how easy it is now, downloading one of those videos was not as simple. You were required to download them format. Considering the extremely slow connections that were available back then, it was necessary to perform miracles and reduce the size of those connections.

A number of years ago, he disclosed that he had made the decision to quit his regular job in order to put his money into his new website. He stated that this decision was made “at a time when no one supported me, not even my family, and it was not known for sure how this internet world was going to evolve.” On the other hand, sixteen years later, it is still here. According to Barragán, one of the explanations for the popularity of elRellano is that, during that period of time, there were not a lot of humor pages written in Spanish. Considering that almost all of the fascinating websites were written in English, elRellano became a page that could be used to “hang out” without the need to read in a different language.

Furthermore, other media sites echoed the page’s sentiments. ‘Crónicas marcianas’ is one of the television programs that would play a significant role in the success of the product. During the ‘late night’ program that was hosted by Javier Sardà, a collaborator named Xavier Vidal made an appearance with a laptop and provided commentary on the most remarkable items that he discovered on the internet. “Of course, it was new content,” the speaker said. ‘Crónicas marcianas’ broadcasted everything that was viral or drew people’s attention (the term viral was just beginning to be used at that time). That was the moment when, in his opinion, “it hit the jackpot with visits.”

In point of fact, Rellano was the main character in one of the most well-known hoaxes in the rich history of the World Wide Web, which took place in the year 2003. It was reported that Barragán paid for each appearance on ‘Crónicas Marcianas’ with a total of 6,000 euros and hams. Without a doubt, it was not true. The fact that your website received a flood of new visitors when it was featured on television 10 years ago is a fact that cannot be denied. Everyone wrote to Xavier Vidal at ‘Crónicas Marcianas’ in the hopes that he would discuss their website. In my situation, they did not even bother to inform me that they were going to get something published. I must say that neither ‘Crónicas’ nor almost anyone else has ever given me any kind of warning.

However, why choose elLellano? I am curious about the origin of its name. It is imperative that you keep in mind the words that were popular during that same period. “In the year 2000, the topic of conversation was ‘portal.’ When you were eating your soup, you even heard the word “portal.” In light of this, I told myself, “Well, I’m going to make a landing,” which is a more personal and closer proposition. This was their motto, which read, “Beyond the portal you find elLellano.” Barragán is still recognized on the internet as Magic Touch, the moniker he had about sixteen years ago, when he first started this trip. The portals have been lost, as has the custom of each person having their own “nickname.” However, Barragán is still known by this nickname.

The single person in control of the portal is Barragán, who is responsible for selecting information, maintaining it, and updating it. Despite the fact that he receives assistance on a technical level. One of the most common ways that individuals submit him content is through a form (this was before email). Every every day, he chooses the very best from all of the things that he is given. In addition to this, he makes an effort to identify the creator of a video or the original recording in order to give them the credit that they are due. The average amount of time he spends working on the page each day is approximately eight hours. “about four hours just looking at content,” he says, “and then the rest updating or doing commercial work, people who want to advertise……”–667fda215fe4d#goto8795

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