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San Francisco pro-Palestine protest blocks Golden Gate Bridge.

By b0oua Apr 16, 2024

On Monday, as part of a global action to condemn Israel’s war in Gaza, pro-Palestinian activists closed the Golden Gate Bridge, which is the most recognizable bridge in San Francisco. This action lasted for many hours.

According to aerial pictures, a long queue of cars was prevented from crossing this well-known red bridge in the southwestern region of the United States, while the lanes that were heading in the opposite direction were completely empty.

In addition to preventing admission or exit from one side of the city in California, the activists hoisted a banner that said “Stop the world for Gaza.”

A15 Action, a movement that attempts to block essential infrastructure in around forty metropolitan areas throughout the world “in solidarity with Palestine,” was the organization that had the responsibility of organizing the demonstration. The event came to a close about noon (local time).

“In each city, we will identify and block the main choke points of the economy, focusing on points of production and circulation, with the goal of having the greatest economic impact,” the organizers write on their website. “Our goal is to have the greatest possible impact at the economic level.”

More than six months after the beginning of the war in Gaza, demonstrators demonstrated against the heavy human toll that the Israeli offensive had taken: according to the most recent report from the Ministry of Health of the Hamas, 33 797 people, the vast majority of whom were civilians, had been killed on Palestinian territory.

The Israeli government has decided to sanction Hamas following the unprecedented attack that was carried out on its soil on October 7 by the Palestinian Islamic Movement. The attack resulted in the deaths of 1170 people, the majority of whom were civilians, as stated by a report by the Associated Press (AFP) that was compiled using official Israeli data.

The demonstrators, by their actions, are attempting to slow down the economy. An organizer who goes by the name Hayshawiya disclosed to the San Francisco Chronicle that they had the feeling that it was time to go beyond the symbolic action in order to take more calculated risks against the capitalist system. This is because they are aware that money is the only thing that truly matters to those in positions of authority.

Several different acts took place in the United States of America on Monday. Specifically, a gathering has caused disruptions to the access to the Chicago airport, which has resulted in passengers being forced to walk to the airport, as reported by the local media.

Manifestants have also blocked access to an aerospace manufacturing facility in Connecticut and an autoroute in Oregon. Both of these locations are located in this state.

There were a few hundred people who demonstrated in the central business district of Los Angeles, behind a banner that said “Stop at the administrative center of Gaza, stop at the funding of Israel by the United States.”

Actions need to be carried out in a number of different countries, including Canada, Belgium, Italy, Colombia, and the South Korean Republic, among others.

The account on Twitter belonging to A15 showcases a collection of photographs depicting various demonstrations that took place in the vicinity of the port of Athens in Greece, the port of Barcelona in Spain, or in front of the office of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Australia in Argentina.

These manifestations are taking place at the very moment when the conflict is on the verge of engulfing the Middle East in a more extensive manner. In the past week, Iran has, for the very first time, launched an attack against Israel, using a total of 350 drones and missiles with the intention of launching an attack.

Israel’s anti-aircraft defense, with assistance from the United States of America and other countries who are aligned with Israel, was able to stop the nearly complete attack.

The Israeli government is currently planning a response to this unprecedented and large attack, which Téhéran is presenting as a response to the attack that occurred on his consulate in Damascus on April 1st. This attack was attributed to Israel and resulted in the deaths of seven members of the Gardiens de la Révolution.

“I would like to avoid an embarrassment in the Middle East,” said Joe Biden, the Vice President of the United States, on Monday.

At the same time, his “inébranlable” support for Israel places the democratic party in a precarious position, as the presidential election of November draws near, and he is required to confront the Republican candidate Donald Trump.

There is a segment of the American left and young voters who are expressing their disapproval of the United States of America, which continues to be Israel’s most important ally and primary source of arms.

For a number of months, several individuals have been expressing their disapproval of the president of the surname “Joe the Genocidaire” and have assured him that they will not vote for him if his government continues to follow this line of reasoning.

By b0oua

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