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Honorable mention for France: Covid-19 and life expectancy

By b0oua Apr 18, 2024

The Covid-19 pandemic has unfortunately served as a revealer not just of the fragility of health development, but also of the unequal effectiveness of political and health institutions.

This is because it has caused a reduction in life expectancy in Western Europe that has not been seen since the Second World War. It is vital to have essential information in order to draw lessons from a calamity that caused more than 6.6 million lives globally, including 2 million deaths in Europe. The remarkable results of the international demographic study that was published on October 17 in the journal Nature Human Behavior provide essential insight towards this.

By drawing up a comparative assessment of two years of Covid-19 in twenty-seven European countries as well as in the United States, demographers highlight profound inequalities: if the years 2020 and 2021 were marked by a decline in life expectancy in a large majority of European countries, this loss over two years was very limited in France (1.2 months) and its neighbors (5.7 months in Germany, 7.4 months in Spain and in Italy), while in the countries of the former Soviet bloc the falls were dizzying: 3.5 years in Bulgaria and 2.8 years in Poland.

In the United States of America, the outcomes are quite harmful. The rate of mortality caused by Covid-19 was not only higher than in other countries that are comparable, but the victims were also younger than in those other countries. It is projected that the country had an increase in mortality of more than one million people in just two years, and the country also experienced a decrease in life expectancy of 2.7 years, which is the highest decrease in this statistic since 1920. This statistic, which includes half of it, is tied to the extent of the pandemic, and the other half is linked to the excessive use of opiates. This can be explained in particular by record obesity rates, a social support system that is inadequate, and a rate of vaccine reminders (30%) that is half as low as it is in France.

The association between vaccination and a less significant loss of life expectancy is clearly established by demographers, which is an important lesson that can be learned from the Nature Human Behavior study. The nations whose populations are the least vaccinated are also the ones that have the biggest deficits in life expectancy.

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In the end, inequalities are associated with the capacity to resume a positive trend following the fall that occurred in the year 2020. Several nations, including Belgium, France, Switzerland, and Spain, have experienced an increase in life expectancy that is several months longer than before. In the year 2021, other countries, such as Bulgaria, Greece, and the United States, continued to suffer defeats.

The entirety of this statistics presents a significant amount of food for thought, particularly in France, where catastrophism and the questioning of political leaders have been prevalent for a considerable amount of time. This has resulted in court procedures that have targeted ministers, which is a unique case in the globe. As well as the places on social networks where anti-vaccination speeches are still active and strong. In point of fact, the international comparison that was carried out by demographers places France among the nations that have best withstood the effects of Covid. France has experienced a minor loss of life expectancy and has quickly returned to levels that were seen in 2019. In order to fuel the political discourse, the Nature survey should be used.

In light of these findings, we must not overlook the fact that the epidemic was responsible for the deaths of 157,000 persons in France, 153,000 in Germany, and 209,000 in the United Kingdom. On the other hand, at the time of 49.3 on the Social Security finance bill and debates on the future of the health system, they confirm the necessity of defending and improving the organization of public health, which, in comparison to that of its neighbors, has not been worthless.

By b0oua

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