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“Nervous,” a former Trump communications aide testifies at his trial.

By b0oua May 4, 2024

In the case of undisclosed payments made to a former porn star in 2016, former Donald Trump aide Hope Hicks was the first member of the former president’s staff to testify on Friday at his criminal trial. The case involves the defendant’s alleged involvement in the payments.

“I’m very nervous,” says the former communications advisor to Donald Trump, who was a part of his inner circle during the successful 2016 presidential campaign. “I’m very nervous,” he admits, barely after taking the oath with his hand raised.

In this trial with immense political stakes, Donald Trump is being tried for 34 falsifications of accounting papers relating to the $130,000 paid to Stormy Daniels, a former star of pornographic films, soon before the presidential election. The documents are relevant to the case that is currently being investigated.

Her silence over a brief sexual encounter she claimed to have had with the real estate magnate in 2006, when he was already married to his present wife, Melania, was purchased with this quantity of money. She claimed that she had a sexual encounter with him. This is a relationship that the Republican candidate for president in the election of 2024 has denied having.

Throughout the course of the campaign, Hope Hicks was a member of Donald Trump’s inner circle and communicated with him “every day.” As she describes how she worked her way up through the ranks, first within the Trump Organization and then within the candidate’s campaign team, Donald Trump listens to her with a great deal of attention.

Her goal is to avoid making eye contact with him as much as possible. It has been “summer-autumn 2022” since they have communicated with one another, according to her.

After videos, there is a “crisis”
For the time being, the prosecutor Matthew Colangelo is primarily asking him about an incident that, according to the prosecution, will serve as the preamble to the payment that will be made to Stormy Daniels.

There are now famous video clips that were published by the Washington Post one month prior to the election. In these clips, we hear Donald Trump talking in crude words about having offensive behavior with women, such as “grabbing them by the pussy.”

“I was worried, very worried,” she recalls when the prosecution reveals the email that was sent to her on October 7, 2016, by the journalist who worked for the Washington Post. “I was a little stunned […] there was a consensus on the fact that it was going to hurt and that we were facing a crisis,” she continues. “And when I heard the excerpts for the first time, I was a little stunned.”

During this episode, the prosecution advised Donald Trump to do everything in his power to avoid a series of scandals before the election in November 2016, even if it meant purchasing Stormy Daniels’ silence when her case was brought up.

In addition, Hope Hicks, whose testimony is slated to continue on Friday, made it very obvious that “everyone […] reported to Mr. Trump” within the Trump Organization.

After arriving at the courthouse in Manhattan, Donald Trump expressed his regret once more that this trial will prevent him from participating in the election campaign. He accused Judge Juan Merchan, whose impartiality he routinely challenges, for “seeking to present the case as salacious as possible by authorizing testimony that has nothing to do with it.” He said that this was an attempt to make the case appear more sleazy than it actually was.

The corporation Shell
A contract of confidentiality was signed with Stormy Daniels on October 28, 2016, just a few days before the election.

Through the use of a front business, Michael Cohen, who was serving as Donald Trump’s personal attorney at the time, paid the sum of $130,000.

Expenses that were disguised as “legal fees” were refunded to him in 2017 by the holding business of the billionaire, the Trump Organization. This is the reason why he was prosecuted for falsifying accounting paperwork.

Michael Cohen has not yet provided testimony, despite the fact that he claims he turned against his former boss and acted in response to the candidate’s request.

Uncovering the truth about what Donald Trump knew about these negotiations that took place behind the scenes will be the primary objective of this affair.

Donald Trump enters the campaign with four charges against him, including one that is before the federal courts in Washington for allegations of illegal attempts to overturn the results of the presidential election that Joe Biden won in 2020. This comes three years after he left the White House in a state of chaos.

However, due to appeals and uncertainties regarding the procedures, it is possible that the trial in New York, which is on a lesser scale, will be the only one that is tried before the election on November 5.

If Donald Trump were to win another election, he would be able to, once he is inaugurated in January 2025, issue an order to dismiss the two federal processes that are currently being brought against him. These proceedings are being brought in Washington, but they are also being brought in Florida, where he is being prosecuted for allegedly casually handling secret documents. subsequently to his departure from the White House setting.

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