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Don Trump faced prison time for court disobedience after New York trial.

By b0oua May 7, 2024

During the criminal trial that took place in New York, the judge has decided that former President of the United States Donald Trump broke his prohibition against publicly insulting witnesses and jurors.
For violating his prohibition on verbally abusing witnesses and jurors, the judge who is presiding over the proceedings of Donald Trump’s criminal trial in New York once again warned the former president of the United States with “incarceration” on Monday, May 6.

A further $1,000 fine was imposed on him by Judge Juan Merchan “for violating his order by making public comments about the jury and how it was selected,” as stated in his written ruling. Additionally, he was cautioned that any future crimes would be “punishable by incarceration.”

The fee is nine thousand dollars.
As a consequence of publicly insulting witnesses and jurors on the sidelines of his trial and threatening to send him to prison in the event of recidivism, the judge handed down a sentence of $9,000 in fines, which is equivalent to $1,000 for each transgression during the previous week.

Since the beginning of this unusual trial for a former president of the United States, which began on April 15, the prosecution has been requesting that Donald Trump be punished for his frequent violations of the prohibition against insulting crucial witnesses in the case. Among these are his former attorney Michael Cohen and the jurors, whom he suggests are not objective in their decision-making.

In this particular case, which is one of four criminal cases in which he is charged, the Republican candidate for the election that will take place in November against the Democratic president who is leaving office stands the possibility of being convicted and, in theory, serving time in prison.

In the last stretch of the 2016 presidential election, which he won by a razor-thin margin over Hillary Clinton, he is being charged for allegedly falsifying thirty-four accounting records in order to conceal the payment of one hundred thirty thousand dollars to Stormy Daniels, a former porn star.

Her silence over a brief sexual encounter she claimed to have had with the real estate magnate in 2006, when he was already married to his present wife, Melania, was purchased with this quantity of money. She claimed that she had a sexual encounter with him. According to Donald Trump, this is not a connection.

By b0oua

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