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‘PLEASE HELP’: American seeks pet alligator

By b0oua May 3, 2024

On April 21, Georgia police released Wally, the alligator that gained popularity on social media, back into the wild. Her master, Joie Henney, is distraught and begs for assistance in finding “her baby.”

Everything seems sparsely populated if you only miss one alligator. Joie Henney, an American from Pennsylvania, had his pet alligator taken on April 21 while on vacation in Brunswick, Georgia (United States), according to the New York Post.

The American states in a Facebook post dated April 28 that some people abducted his alligator, known as Wally, and put it on a neighboring property so they could do a practical joke. After being alerted, the authorities apprehended the lizard and released it into a marsh a few dozen kilometers distant.


Wally is a social media celebrity, better known as WallyGator. In September 2023, he and his master gained notoriety in the American media after the two buddies were turned away from a baseball game. Ever since, the alligator with 145,000 TikTok followers has made frequent appearances in videos alongside his owner, who is always eager to greet his devotees.

According to the New York Post, Wally was adopted by Joie Henny at the age of 14 months after being rescued in Florida in 2015. The 1.60 meter long reptile, who is now 9 years old, serves Joie Henney mostly as a “emotional support” animal.

In 2023, there will be more than 100,000 “emotional support” animals in the US, according to The ESA Registration of America, which CNN cited. For their owners, who frequently suffer from depression or trauma, they are useful.

Following Wally’s disappearance, Joie Henney asked her subscribers to help locate the animal. “Wally is not like other alligators at all. He said in a TikTok video, “There has never been another like him.

Additionally, an online campaign has been launched in Joie Henney’s honor with the goal of funding potential legal and veterinary expenses related to Wally’s studies. It is worth more than $10,000 this Friday, May 3.

Georgia authorities told the American broadcaster CNN that there was “slim, if not almost zero” possibility of locating Wally. “nuisance alligators” are a common complaint to the state of Georgia, according to Melissa Cummings, a representative for the Georgia State Division of Wildlife Resources. That’s right, unlike in Pennsylvania, where Joie Henney and Wally are from, where alligators are not kept as pets.

Additionally, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources stated that it lacked any information regarding the whereabouts of the alligator that was released in Brunswick on April 21st, nor did it have any proof that it belonged to Joie Henney.

Henney said on social media that Wally’s alligator was trapped and released into the wild after jokers abandoned him outside the house of a person who reported the incident to the police. Henney stated, “We need all the help we can get to bring my baby back,” in a heartfelt TikTok video.

It’s likely that many of us have heard moving tales illustrating the unwavering relationship between humans and animals. However, the majority of the stories that came to light included either dogs, cats, or pandas. An American man this time had a fondness for a gigantic “alligator.” You read correctly. For almost ten years, an alligator named Wally helped a guy from Pennsylvania overcome his despair. But now that the reptile vanished during a trip to the Georgia shore, he is out looking for it.

Thousands of social media users follow Joie Henney’s pages on social media dedicated to Wally, the icy friend he refers to as his emotional support alligator. He has uploaded pictures and videos of people cuddling or patting the five and a half-foot (1.7-meter) alligator in the manner of a teddy bear or dog on the internet. When Wally was turned away from a Phillies game last year, his fame reached unprecedented heights.

Henney now expressed his distress at Wally’s disappearance while going on a vacation with him in April in Brunswick, Georgia, a port city located 112 kilometers south of Savannah. He claimed that he believes Wally was stolen from the outside, walled enclosure where Wally had spent the night on April 21.

“Bring my baby back”

Henney said on social media that Wally’s alligator was trapped and released into the wild after jokers abandoned him outside the house of a person who reported the incident to the police. Henney stated, “We need all the help we can get to bring my baby back,” in a heartfelt TikTok video. “Please, we need your help.”

The Jonestown, Pennsylvania, resident has previously stated that he acquired Wally in 2015 following the alligator’s 14-month rescue in Florida. In 2019, Henney said to The Philadelphia Inquirer that Wally had assisted in easing her depression after numerous close friends had passed away. He said Wally’s position as his emotional support animal had been approved by a physician who treated his depression. Henney informed the press, “He has never tried to bite no one.”

Speaking for the county and city police agencies, no one has reported the missing alligator in Brunswick or the adjacent Glynn County.

An annoyance alligator was reported by someone: Official

The day Henney reported Wally missing, April 21, was noted as a nuisance alligator by someone in the Brunswick region, according to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, which also confirmed that a licensed trapper had been sent out to catch it. The government clarified in a statement that it is unsure if the reptile, which was “released in a remote location,” is Wally.

In Georgia, keeping alligators without a license or permit is prohibited, and the state Department of Natural Resources claims that it does not issue permits for gators kept as pets. Although there is no state law in Pennsylvania prohibiting the ownership of alligators, the Fish and Boat Commission states that it is against the law for owners to release their animals into the wild.

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ wildlife biologist and coastal supervisor, David Mixon, has dealt with many alligators that have been found in people’s yards and swimming pools. Additionally, he has presented to Boy Scout companies and school groups about gators housed in captivity.

Is it legal to own alligators as pets?

He explained that even seemingly harmless alligators may be hazardous, so he always makes sure to keep their jaws shut with a hand or, better yet, a band. According to Mixon, “they’re erratic and frequently reactive to stimulus.” “Many images and videos show individuals handling gators without suffering any injuries. However, your risk of getting hurt increases the longer you stay with them.

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