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“I’m not discussing my mom, you are”

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Ángel Cristo and Carmen Borrego don’t determine their disparities on the ‘Puente de la Concordia’ The survivors settle the records of their most memorable long stretches of rivalry

Carmen Borrego’s most memorable words subsequent to swooning near the ocean: “I’m normal, however I can deal with it” Ángel Cristo Jr. furthermore, Carmen Borrego have been the heroes of the first ‘Extension of Harmony’ of ‘Survivors 2024’ , a powerful in which both could dole out retributions to at long last choose whether to start from scratch or return one another. from the extension from which he had come. Despite the fact that the two of them consented to take an interest, truly they have wound up much further separated.

The survivors had contended since the pre-conjunction of the challenge, where Ángel brought up that Carmen Borrego had shown up in Honduras “with an overseer from the nursing home ,” alluding to Kike Calleja. Ángel Cristo will not play in a test and the association makes sense of: “Never has he put a hindrance until it was his chance to play” Kiko Jiménez and Laura Matamoros burst out chuckling while discussing why they call Carmen Borrego ‘potota’:

“And afterward what is my dad?”
Zayra Gutiérrez, emptied from ‘Survivors’ subsequent to being analyzed by specialists and under perception until Thursday.”I’m over it since I realize that he did it to hurt, which is his procedure. It hurt more for Kike than for me. I realize that I am a more seasoned lady and ladies can constantly engage ourselves,” Carmen responded, extremely glad to be there. beating fears” in ‘Survivors’. As far as concerns him, Ángel called attention to that he had apologized for it.

The following subject they examined was the descriptor with which Carmen Borrego tended to Ángel Cristo: “insane person” . “In the event that she believes I’m a maniac it should be on the grounds that she knows how to perceive her sort from her,” the survivor responded. Carmen was exhausted: “You are ready for evil. To cause damage. To not sympathize with the aggravation (…) I don’t grasp that assuming in the past step you have requested pardoning, for what reason do you keep acting along these lines,” she denounced him.

Ángel was extremely angry with the descriptor and totally separated himself: “I feel for my loved ones and who love me. I don’t understand individuals who have squashed me on TV .” Seeing what they had seen, Carmen Borrego proposed settling the ‘Extension of Harmony’ not too far off, however Laura Madrueño urged them to continue on toward the following subject: when Ángel alluded to María Teresa Campos as “minimal old woman.”

As a result of his words, Carmen wound up crying while the Playa Olimpo group was totally against Ángel Cristo. “Sadly my mom has died and I won’t permit this man or anybody to call her ‘wife’ or ‘minimal old woman’,” said the survivor. Ángel explained that it had been his sweetheart who had said it and she detonated: “I don’t care a lot what your better half discussions about! I don’t discuss my mom, you do about yours . I don’t permit anybody to discuss my mom.” “.
Exactly the last step gave way to the word ‘Mother’. Carmen Borrego then, at that point, addressed a warm words to María Teresa Campos, checking the sky out. From that point onward, Laura Madrueño demonstrated that it was the ideal opportunity for Ángel and Carmen to embrace one another or not . The first to leave in the other heading was Ángel. Carmen concurred with his choice.

This volume was converted into English and made open access thanks to subsidizing from the European Exploration Board (ERC) under the European Association’s Viewpoint 2020 examination and advancement program (Award Understanding No. 759829). The Vex research project is facilitated by the College of Naples Federico II, Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici.

The interpretations from the Spanish were finished by Simon Berrill, while those from the Italian are by Aelmuire Helen Cleary. Cover delineation: Mysterious, St Gennaro Ends the Magma of Vesuvius (detail), from Nicolò Carminio Falcone, L’intera istoria della famiglia, vita, miracoli, traslazioni eculto del glorioso martire S. Gennaro, Naples, nella stamperia di Felice Mosca, 1713

Over late many years, examination and discussion on fiascoes of regular beginning stand out to the social and social perspectives of catastrophes in different disciplinary fields. Tremors, floods, storms, flames and ejections have been deciphered according to a social viewpoint, as occasions that outfit a visual negative outlining the way of life and
symbolism of when they happen. These abrupt and surprising occasions lift the cloak on ordinary reality.–65efd90788d06#goto5200

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