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Did a 737 MAX land with that cargo door open? The corporation declines

By b0oua Mar 12, 2024

For the second time since the start of the year, Alaska Airlines has experienced a problem with one of its Boeing 737 MAXs.

After landing in Portland (United States) on Friday March 1, 2024, a device of this type was indeed found to have a cargo door ajar. The airline said it believed the hatch opened after landing.
Incidents involving the Boeing 737 MAX are increasing. The latest occurred on Friday March 1, 2024 on a plane of this model belonging to Alaska Airlines. That day, the aircraft which was flying between Los Cabos (Mexico) and Portland (United States), landed as planned at the airport of its destination city. Several sources cited by the local channel KOIN 6 , Thursday March 7, 2024, relayed by People , however indicated that a hold door was open.
This was the hatch used to close the compartment where the pets travel. The duration for which the Boeing flew in this state was not specified, reports the American media. No emergency procedures were requested by the Boeing pilots before or during landing. Alaska Airlines wanted to provide information on what happened.
No signal indicated to the crew that the door was ajar during the flight and everything suggests that the door partially opened after landing ,” the American airline assured our colleagues. The company later explained that its technicians had inspected the plane and replaced a spring in the door mechanism. The Boeing 737 MAX was then returned to service.
This is not the first incident on an Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 MAX. Friday January 5, 2024, the 177 people traveling on board a plane of this carrier experienced intense fear after taking off from Portland airport. A porthole had come loose, causing depressurization of the cabin . The plane had turned back and landed urgently on the runway it had just left.
An Alaska Airlines jet arrived at a gate at Portland International Airport last week with its cargo door slightly open, according to a report, after completing a flight from Mexico. Sources told KOIN—which obtained images of the door appearing slightly ajar—that passengers’ pets on board the aircraft at the time had survived the incident. It’s not clear how long the door may have been open or if it could have put the flight at risk in any way.
Alaska Airlines told the station in a statement that the “unsealed” cargo door was discovered after landing but there was “no indication to the crew that the door was unsealed during flight and all indications point to the door partially opening after landing.” “Our maintenance teams inspected the aircraft, replaced a spring in the door, tested the door and reentered it into service,” the airline added. It comes after an Alaska Airlines flight in January made an emergency landing when the Boeing 737 MAX 9 jet’s door plug blew out mid-flight.


By b0oua

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