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Losing a wheel on takeoff causes parking lot panic and car damage.

By b0oua Mar 9, 2024

An airplane that was destined for Osaka (Tokyo) had just taken off from the ground.

In the San Francisco airport, there were moments of fear. It had only been a few seconds since the Boeing-777 that was en route to Tokyo had been in the air when all of a sudden, one of the tires that was attached to the landing gear came off and fell to the ground.

As a result of the wheel’s collision with the airport staff parking lot, three vehicles were severely damaged, and one of them was nearly completely destroyed. Thankfully, nobody was hurt in the incident.

Inconvenience for passengers who were traveling to Osaka: flight UA35 was actually rerouted to Los Angeles, where it made an emergency landing and remained parked for approximately two hours while the technical staff evaluated the aircraft to determine whether or not there were any potential safety risks or additional damage.

After experiencing a tire loss during takeoff from San Francisco, a United Airlines aircraft that was destined for Japan made a safe landing in Los Angeles on Thursday.

The moment that one of the six tires on the left-side main landing gear assembly detached shortly after departure was captured on video and shared on social media. The tire eventually landed in the employee parking lot of San Francisco International Airport, where it collided with a car, shattering the rear window of the vehicle, and then broke through a nearby fence before coming to a stop in another parking lot. Doug Yakel, who is the spokesperson for the airport, stated that there were no injuries that were reported being sustained.

It was confirmed by Dae Levine, a spokesperson for the airport, that fire engines were on standby at Los Angeles International Airport; however, they were not required because the Boeing 777 executed a smooth landing and came to a stop approximately two-thirds of the way down the runway. In the end, the aircraft was removed by being towed away.

The information that United Airlines provided revealed that the flight had a capacity of 235 passengers and 14 crew members. Particularly noteworthy is the fact that the aircraft, which was manufactured in 2002, was designed to land safely even if some of its tires were damaged or missing. It was guaranteed that passengers would be transferred to a different aircraft in order to continue their journey for the duration of their trip.

Boeing 777s typically have six tires mounted on each of their two main landing gears. This is the standard configuration. Within the footage that was captured during the departure of Flight 35, there was a tire that was removed from the left-side landing gear assembly.

Aviation specialists emphasized that incidents involving the loss of tires are uncommon and do not indicate broader safety concerns related to aviation. In his capacity as a former chief pilot for Delta Air Lines, Alan Price emphasized the significance of avoiding single points of failure in the aviation industry.

He also provided assurance that the remaining tires were capable of adequately managing the load. He explained to the Associated Press that loose tires are typically a maintenance issue rather than a problem that is caused by the manufacturer.

An emergency landing was required to be performed on a Boeing 777 jetliner that was en route to Japan on Thursday shortly after takeoff. This was due to the fact that a wheel had fallen off and crashed into a parking lot at the airport.

There is a video that has been uploaded to the internet that shows the wheel falling just a few seconds after the United Airlines plane takes off from San Francisco International Airport.

According to reports, a number of vehicles that were parked in the lot that airport employees use sustained damage. Boeing has been confronted with a series of difficulties in terms of quality assurance, the most notable of which was a terrifying occurrence that occurred in January.

A panel that was the size of a door detached from the fuselage of a Boeing 737 Max 9 while the aircraft was in the process of taking off from Portland, Oregon. An immediate grounding of all Boeing 737 Max 9 aircraft was immediately implemented as a result of this incident, despite the fact that there were no serious injuries.

The United States government has recently issued an ultimatum to Boeing, requiring the company to come up with a comprehensive strategy to address quality control deficiencies within the next ninety days. (With inputs from the agent)–65ec3b031be32#goto5155

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