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If Juanjo is the public’s preference, Spain is far from breaking up.

By b0oua Mar 18, 2024

Chanel was the one who delivered the most impressive performance of the evening. Violeta is no longer in the school. Immediately after the meridian has passed, everyone begins to consider ways in which they may make a living in this industry.

There are sentences that are unavoidable in Operación Triunfo once the program has traveled through the midway point of its duration. It has been said multiple times that “the level is very high,” which is a justification for the fact that anyone can go out into the streets.

During the Battle of TriumphAs soon as the program reaches the midway mark, there are phrases that are required to be performed. It has been said multiple times that “the level is very high,” which is a justification for the fact that anyone can go out into the streets. It was because of “anybody” that the staying at the Academy of Favoritism was put in jeopardy, and we have now parted ways with one of the thrills that occurred during the inaugural gala.

According to the advertising campaign of a travel agency that was given a pseudoscientific veneer and is still there, blue Monday was the saddest Monday. The melancholy was combated by the enthusiasm of Just Can’t Get Enough, which was released by Depeche Mode and was their first major hit. The purpose of the group performance was to examine the garments and verify that, if they were available for one more week, they could be constructed using the microplastic balls that were dispersed around the coast of Cantabrian. The enthusiasm for synthetic materials in the realm of wardrobes is not going away any time soon.

Chiara and Violeta, who have been favorites from the beginning and were the first dream folder of the format, faced off against each other in the grand combat of the night. Even while there is little evidence to suggest that the relationship that the fanbase was more enamored with had any genuine substance, it did serve the purpose of talking about lesbians, which is something that is unique given how accustomed we are to the L in LGTBIQ+ being silent.

Because Chiara is the kind of person who would never be able to fathom losing her hair over a tossing ball or losing her hair in general, she interpreted climb by Miley Cyrus as the finest singer in a musical competition would interpret it. However, the author of the song would never interpret it because Chiara is the kind of person who would never be able to envision losing her hair.

Violet, on the other hand, came up with a performance that was not faultless but was full of the sensation of the most exquisite Blue Lights by Jorja Smith, who made reference to the excellent Crazy from her Cero gala. Not only is it not difficult to picture him having a career in music outside of academia, but this is something that can be stated of the majority of individuals who continue to work in the field.

Lose your concentration
According to the percentage, which is almost sixty percent, the public had fewer doubts than might be expected given the level of the two, and they chose Chiara to be the one who would remain in the competition for one more week, the last week in which there will be a Nomad.

This means that Chiara will serve as the favorite, despite the fact that we have not yet understood why ING has not come up with a Sedentary account, which is more in line with what is considered an Academy Award, to remain where they are for a little while longer. Despite the fact that “nomadic account” sounds much more glamorous than “precarious account,” we must concede that the former is more accurate. Individuals who are in possession of money or money do not count against the account.

The previous week was characterized by “the comfort zone,” and this week has been characterized by “not losing focus.” There is not even a gala that does not have its motto. It is said by the instructors, and the candidates repeat it in order to satisfy.

When you see the finish line so close and the guests approaching the Academy face you with your destiny, it is true that it is easy to become sidetracked and “lose focus.” This is because the guests are getting closer to the Academy. The question is, will you be a Miguel Nández or a Bisbal? Are the careers of Aitana or Esther Aranda waiting for you to take them? Although it is common knowledge that winning does not ensure a successful career, everyone nonetheless strives to achieve victory.

Paul and Ruslana, who had previously been at Bizarrap after the stay from the previous week, are among the individuals who appear to have all of the components necessary to have a career that is guaranteed at this time. This time, he was tasked with bringing the diabolical Music Sessions, Volume 45 under control. The album contained over 400 words that would put Funes el Memorioso’s memory to the test, and they rapped and danced as if it were not a challenge at all with their performance. In addition, pronunciation, which is more important.

To ensure that we were able to hear Juanjo defend The ship of oblivion, which was written by José José, the time machine in the program took a more expansive turn than it normally would have. This is one of those songs that can only be heard in the exclusive Cachitos New Year’s Eve Special. The production was calm when the master requested some graphics a la Valerio Lazarov and Ballet Zoom appearing over his head in the shape of a polyhedron. This was done to ensure that nothing would distract us from the master’s ability to sing.

Also see: In honor of the visit of the Head of State to the Sultanate of Oman, Naiara, as well as Bellingham, the city of Muscat and its squares have been transformed into festive settings.

Both Bea and Naiara were confronted with the Sweet But Psycho by Ava Max, which was completely pink and highly unattractive. The same thing happens to Naiara as it does to Bellingham; she has gotten off to such a fantastic start that she can let herself go until the conclusion of the season, and everyone will still believe that she is the best on the program. Bea, who appeared to be completely “out of focus,” appeared to be practicing the expression that she would make in response to Buika’s evaluation. She also appeared to be praying that Rozalen would be fortunate because she is always in a condition of light.

Then, what we may refer to as “The Curse of Mai Meneses” came about, which is essentially a consequence of us pulling something magnificent out of our sleeve. The always great Martín, who was a favorite last week due to the version of Alors on dance of Stromae that was performed in the pool, slid from the papier-mâché asteroid that was presiding over the stage with the falsely easy song “I had so much to give you.” Despite the fact that the song’s writer has acknowledged that it is about a breakup, in this case Martin’s with the tuning, it is a song that every single person attempts to identify with abortion because hoaxes are not unique to the present era.

With the zeal of Álvaro Mayo, the unborn son of Marc Almod and Jimmy Somerville, we were able to bring back joy to everyone’s hearts. Álvaro Mayo was the star that we knew we needed but had not yet manifested. However, Chenoa, who despite his experience does not perceive where the risk lies, wanted to query about his knowledge of the subject. He seasoned the energy of Please Don’t Go by KC and the Sunshine Band with movements that were voguing.

Obviously, Mayo did not make any reference to her beginnings in the New York clubs of the eighties, as Cris Regatero pointed out from the jury. In fact, he did not even name Madonna; rather, he mentioned Ariadna Grande rather than Madonna! It was the true version of Jamie Lee Curtis looking in the mirror in the movie “Put Yourself in My Place” and yelling, “I’m old!” despite the fact that this allusion is already as old as the quote “Workers leaving the factory of the Lumière brothers.”

You can also check out how Linkin Park is celebrating the one billion copies of his song “Numb” by performing a rendition of Tongo.
Chanel gave the most impressive performance of the evening. A couple of weeks prior to the Benidorm Fest celebration, she had performed the song that would have won Eurovision 2024 and even the Euro Cup in Germany if they had allowed her to practice for fifteen days. Chanel’s performance was the highlight of the evening.–65f7d12ad59d6#goto5378


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