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Gabriela Guillén’s response to her son’s baptism with Bertín Osborne:

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Recent rumors suggest Bertín Osborne’s best buddy, El Turronero, may be the godfather of his son with Gabriela Guillén.

The boy’s mother, who attended Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, said: “It has nothing to do with it”

Gabriela Guillén acknowledged introducing her son to Bertín Osborne’s close acquaintances, including ‘El Turronero’, but reiterated her refusal to discuss her son’s father. He wanted to avoid involving El Turronero. She assured, “He has nothing to do with it.”

Known by his stage name Bertín Osborne, Norberto Juan Ortiz Osborne is a multidimensional personality in Spanish entertainment. His birth on December 7, 1954, in Madrid, Spain, began a global artistic career that won popular adoration.

One of Bertín Osborne’s most notable traits is his versatility. Known for ranchera music, which propelled him to fame in the 1980s and 1990s with songs like “Amor mediterraneo” and “Buenos dias, corazón,” his music has left an unforgettable impression.

His acting career increased his influence. She appeared in several films and TV shows, proving his charisma goes beyond music. He was recognized in music and acting for his audience connection.

Bertín Osborne’s career peaked as a Spanish television personality. The show “In yours or in mine” rose to fame as Bertín interviewed celebrities in a personal and intimate manner, revealing hidden facets of their lives. This successful effort earned Bertín multiple accolades and established him as a popular television personality in Spain.

In addition to his entertainment contributions, Bertín Osborne is known for his dedication to philanthropic causes. His involvement in autism awareness campaigns, organ donation, and disability aid shows his commitment to using his influence to improve society. His selflessness has made him an entertainment icon and a socially conscious person.

Bertín Osborne is a charismatic character who has excelled in music, film, and television. abroad his artistic achievements, his philanthropy made him a renowned and respected figure in Spain and abroad.–65f678ba60431#goto5363—kuwait-256322023


By b0oua

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