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Donald Trump wins in Georgia, suspending the presidential reversal process.

By b0oua Jun 6, 2024

Before the state appeals court makes a decision regarding the defendants’ request to dismiss prosecutor Fani Willis, the measure must continue to be in effect before the court. Due to the fact that she had an intimate relationship with an investigator that she had engaged for this case, she is being accused of having a “conflict of interest.”

The criminal proceedings against Donald Trump and his fourteen co-defendants for illegal attempts to reverse the outcomes of the presidential election in the United States of America in 2020 were suspended by the Court of Appeal of the State of Georgia on Wednesday, June 5. It is imperative that this suspension continue to be in effect until the court has made a decision about the defendants’ request to withdraw from the prosecutor. Through this ruling, the conducting of a trial in this case has been de facto postponed until the following year, for which there was no date that had been determined as of yet.

The plea for dismissal that was made by the prosecutor, Fani Willis, was denied by the judge who was presiding over this trial, Scott McAfee, in March. However, the judge requested that his team members be reorganized. The state appeals court has scheduled a hearing on the matter for October 4, and it is not anticipated that a ruling will be made until the year 2025. The defendants have filed an appeal.

The prosecutor had an intimate relationship with Nathan Wade, an investigator that she had recruited for the case, and Judge McAfee came to the conclusion that there was insufficient evidence to support the existence of a “conflict of interest” in connection with this relationship. However, the magistrate ordered that the case be withdrawn from either Fani Willis and his entire team or from Nathan Wade. He made this demand after observing “an appearance of inappropriate behavior” and expressing his disapproval of a “huge lack of judgment” on the part of the prosecutor. Following a few hours, the latter offered his resignation to the company.

A total of four criminal proceedings

In spite of the fact that he is the subject of four distinct criminal processes, the former president and Republican candidate for the election that will take place in November 2024, who will be challenged by his Democratic successor, is making an effort, through his numerous appeals, to go to trial as late as possible, and whenever feasible, after the election.

An unusual verdict for a former president of the United States of America was handed down on May 30 by a court in New York, which found him guilty of accounting falsifications with the intention of concealing a payment of $130,000 that was made in order to avert a sexual scandal at the very end of his 2016 presidential campaign. He is scheduled to have his sentence pronounced on July 11th.

However, there is a possibility that the three further criminal cases that Donald Trump is facing, one of which is before the courts in Georgia and two of which are at the federal level, will not be able to be held before the vote.–Prix/10676411

By b0oua

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