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Jennifer Lopez cancels her US tour, “devastated”.

By b0oua Jun 3, 2024

The singer known for her hit “Jenny from the Block” appears to be in a very precarious condition. She is “devastated” due to the fact that she is shunned by the public and there are speculations that she has broken up with Ben Affleck.

This Is Me, the ninth studio album created by her… Now was supposed to be a story about rebirth, about her rekindled love with Ben Affleck and about her return to the stage that she had been working on. It is very evident that this is a (very) misguided beginning.

Jennifer Lopez made the announcement that she would be canceling her tour on her website, On the JLo, this past weekend. The concert that was supposed to take place on June 26 in Orlando was supposed to be her first performance. As a result of having to make this decision, the singer expressed that she was “devastated” and that she had “let down” her audience.

His return to the stage after a five-year sabbatical was met with a reception that was not particularly warm and welcoming from the audience.

the locations that do not sell

In 2019, Jennifer Lopez embarked on her It’s My Party Tour, which was her final tour during her career as a singer. This time, it appears that the hearts of the fans were not in the party because the stadiums and arenas where she was scheduled to perform remained generally half empty, despite the fact that the ticket office had been open since the beginning of the year.

On the other hand, this is not due to a lack of effort on the part of the promotional department. The release of Jennifer Lopez’s new album was very exact, which was beneficial to the record. The documentary titled “This Is Me…Now” was also made available on Prime Video, in addition to the newly released tracks. The concert was financed by Jennifer Lopez personally to the tune of twenty million dollars.

In addition, the theme of this film, much as the subject of her record, is her most recent romantic relationship with Ben Affleck. In 2021, Bennifer underwent a transformation twenty years after she had gotten engaged. This reunion was closely watched by the media and the general public, and each week brought its fair share of joy between the singer and the actor. This continued until the two wedding ceremonies that took place in 2022, the first of which took place in Las Vegas, and the second of which took place at the actor’s farm in Riceboro, Georgia.

There was a story that was so good that it could be considered a fairy tale, and it indicated a way for his artistic initiatives to achieve economic success. Despite the fact that they have been married for two years, they no longer reside together. The spokesman for the actor claims that this is only due to the fact that the actor is concentrating on his upcoming assignment.

Individual residences

An answer that does not persuade a lot of people, given that Ben Affleck rented a property in Los Angeles, which is located between the house he purchased with Jennifer Lopez and the house that his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner, owns, and where his three children also reside. There were also other things that were mentioned, the most notable of which being his absence from the Met Gala alongside Jennifer Lopez. This was reportedly due to the fact that his schedule did not permit him to attend the event. However, the day before, he had attended an evening that was shot for Netflix in honor of Tom Brady, a former American football star.

Jennifer Lopez, on her part, stated that she “needed to take time to be with [her] children, [her] family, and [her] close friends” after an announcement was made regarding the cancellation of her tour. As Ben Affleck, who has never really appreciated the media exposure of his private life, did not remark on the matter, she did not cite him. He did not comment on the problem. This is what emerged from the documentary to the glory of their love – and from Jennifer Lopez’s new album – when we see him astonished by the distribution of the love letters he had given to the singer, stating that he would have preferred them to remain private. In any case, this is what emerged from the documentary.كريم-طبيعي-لتخفيف-آلام-المفاصل-artirelax-tunisia.html

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