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A 1939 Michelin Guide that helped the Landings was auctioned.

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The 1939 version of the Michelin Guide, which will be put up for auction this Thursday, June 6 in Clermont-Ferrand, was utilized by American soldiers in order to navigate their way across France following their landing in Normandy in June of 1944.

This remarkable sale will take place in Clermont-Ferrand on Thursday, June 6th. Tickets may be purchased here. On the occasion of the eightieth anniversary of the Normandy landings, the Vassy-Jalenques-Courtadon house is distributing a copy of the 1939 Michelin Guide. This information was reported by France Bleu Pays d’Auvergne. The well-known culinary collection that was produced by the firm and given the nickname “the American” was instrumental in the liberation of France in the year 1944.

Despite the fact that the relationship may not be immediately apparent, this Michelin Guide, which is simple to comprehend, was of great use to American soldiers who were stationed in France. Not only did the book provide recommendations for restaurants and hotels, but it also had all of the information that an army requires in order to find its way.

For more than five hundred cities, it provided information on all of the highways, the distances between the major intersections, the locations of gas stations, and the maximum weight that could be handled by the bridges…… Pierre-Gabriel Gonzalez, an expert on Michelin items, makes the observation that “this information was formidable for military strategy.”

“This is an exceptional book, and it most likely arrived on June 6 in the suitcase of a soldier serving in the United States Army. Pierre-Gabriel Gonzalez is ecstatic about the fact that we are no longer in the hospitality industry or the culinary world; rather, we are in history.

Sand-colored rather than red, which is the typical color of Michelin guides, the book does not display the name of its owner. Instead, it bears two notices: “For official use only” (also known as “Reserved for official use”) and “Reproduced by Military Intelligence Division War Department Washington DC.” This is intentionally done to make the book less easily recognized.

The specialist continues by saying that the price of this copy, which she describes as “a little dog-eared and which we understand has been used,” is estimated to be between 5,000 and 7,000 euros. Following its return to the United States following the war, it was subsequently sold in the Netherlands. Finally, it was brought back to France, where a private collector made the decision to purchase it and put it up for sale.

One Frenchman was the one who initially conceived of this idea.

In the beginning, there was a French liaison officer named Gustave Moutet, who was the son of Marius Moutet. He distinguished himself by being one of the eighty MPs who refused to vote for P├ętain to be given complete powers within the government. Gustave Moutet arrived back in England on June 17, 1940, bringing with him the most recent edition of the Michelin guide, which was published in 1939.

According to Pierre-Gabriel Gonzalez, “He then realized that the documents available to the Allies were of poor quality,” and after that, he offered to the American high command that they use the Michelin Guide. After that, the General Staff asked Michelin and the “War Department” to have a special print of this edition manufactured across the Atlantic. This print would then be given to all of the unit commanders who were anticipated to take part in the exercise. while at the Landing.

In the event that the expert on Michelin objects is not aware of the quantity of copies created for this edition, he is aware that it is somewhat less extensive than the previous edition. And if the cover is patinated and the folds and corners of the pages are dog-eared, the selling price of this 1939 edition might get close to the record that was held by the first edition of the Michelin Guide, which was published in 1900 and had reached 28,000 euros.–65d33150c6b4478


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