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Combat corruption and organized crime in Tirana, Assistant Secretary Robinson.

By b0oua Mar 20, 2024

The commitment of the United States of America to the battle against organized crime and corruption in Albania was reinforced by Todd Robinson, who is the Assistant Secretary of State for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs. Robinson made this statement during his visit to Tirana.

Today, he had a meeting with Altin Dumani, who is the head of the Special Prosecution against Organized Crime and Corruption, as well as with Aida Hajnaj, who is the head of the National Bureau of Investigation. In an official statement issued by the United States Embassy, Mr.

Robinson was quoted as saying that he “expressed the unwavering support of the United States for law enforcement efforts in the fight against corruption and in increasing inter-institutional cooperation, transparency, and accountability.”

A number of other meetings were held with members of the State Police, the Police Oversight Agency, and the Security Academy. The purpose of these discussions was “to emphasize the importance of the fight against corruption and the promotion of public trust.”

During the talks that Mr. Robinson had with the Albanian Minister of Justice, Ulsi Manja, and the Minister of the Interior, Taulant Balla, he highlighted “the importance of maintaining the pace for judicial reform and strengthening the rule of law.

” When it comes to the battle against corruption, he also emphasized the continuous collaboration in the reform of the judicial system, the enhancement of law enforcement, and the elimination of impunity.

The United States Embassy in Albania presented video evidence of a meeting that took place last night with Albanian judges, prosecutors, investigators, and leaders of law enforcement organizations in Albania. The purpose of the meeting was to express gratitude to the individuals for their bravery and dedication to law enforcement, transparency, and the elimination of impunity.

According to the notice made by the embassy, he emphasized “the importance of an independent justice system for Albania as it fights crime and corruption.” The Albanian people are currently adopting courageous actions in order to launch challenging reforms.

And I want each and every one of you to know that my coworkers and I in Washington acknowledge the effort that you have put out. This, however, is a long and tough road to travel, just like any other onerous work that is being done to deepen democracy and increase accountability.

In the speech that Assistant Secretary Robinson delivered during the reception with the senior leaders of the Justice system in Albania, he said, “And I would urge you, first, to know that you are responsible for bringing about change, and second, to not give up, to continue.”

According to the statement that was released by SPAK regarding the meeting, Robinson expressed his gratitude for the progress that has been made in the work and the accomplishments that have been made by the Special Prosecutor’s Office.

He also emphasized that the Government of the United States of America reaffirms its support in order to achieve the legal objectives of this Structure, which are related to the fight against misconduct and criminal activity. organized with the purpose of putting a stop to the culture of impunity and strengthening the enforcement of the rule of law.

Mr. Dumani gave a presentation about the activities of the Special Prosecutor’s Office and the indicators of this institution on the investigation of organized crime and corruption. Mrs.

Hajnaj, on the other hand, focused on the operation of the National Bureau of Investigation and the process of re-evaluating the investigators of this structure. Both of these presentations took place during the meeting.

Beginning with the foundation of this Structure and continuing through the process of its consolidation and specialization, Dumani expressed his gratitude to Robinson for the consistent assistance and support that the United States of America has offered to the SPAK prosecution. Among other things, Dumani praised Robinson for supporting the prosecution.

Additionally, Todd D. Robinson, who examined the progress of the work and the accomplishments of the Special Prosecutor’s Office, emphasized that the Government of the United States of America underlines that the support to SPAK would continue at the same pace. This was announced by the officials.

Following the beginning of negotiations between Sali Berisha’s party and the majority, it appears that the United States of America has been put into motion in order to restore normalcy to the Assembly.

There are speculations that there is also a deal for other things, including electoral reform, criminal amnesty, and judicial reform. The Socialists have taken a step back and decided to release the investigating commissions. However, there are allegations that there is also a bargain for other things.

The Socialist Party has a plan in its drawer to establish a commission that will oversee the reform in the justice system. If the parties are in agreement, the commission can be placed under the supervision of the Special Prosecutor’s Office (SPAK), the Special Court (GJKKO), and the National Bureau of Investigation (BKH).

While the parties are in the process of negotiating, the reform in justice is facing a significant threat. However, the Assistant Secretary for the International Bureau of Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs in the United States of America, Todd D.

Robinson, who arrived in Tirana yesterday, will remain there for two days, from March 18-20, according to the information that was disclosed yesterday by the United States Department of State and the United States Embassy in our country. It has been ascertained that the diplomat Todd D.

Robinson will be arriving in order to support the advancement of justice reform, the battle against corruption, and the fight against organized crime.

He will meet with representatives of SPAK and will issue explicit instructions, during which he will surely reiterate the position that was taken by the Secretary of State of the United States of America, Antony Blinken, while he was in Tirana, which is that the reform in justice is non-negotiable.

Therefore, at the same time that SPAK is being subjected to political criticism, another senior official goes after Blinken and makes it very evident that the United States of America is the driving force behind the Special Prosecutor’s Office (SPAK) and the reform of the legal system.

By b0oua

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