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2024 Olympics, US elections: Anne Hidalgo met Barack Obama in Paris on Frida

By b0oua Mar 17, 2024

An encounter between the former President of the United States and the Mayor of Paris took place on Friday, during the latter’s visit to the nation’s capital.

An invitation to the brand. Anne Hidalgo was able to meet Barack Obama while he was in Paris, according to BFMTV, which obtained information from the entourage of the most prominent public servant in the capital city. It is a city that the former President of the United States of America adores.

The Olympic and Paralympic Games that were scheduled to take place this year were, without a doubt, on the agenda for discussion. Anne Hidalgo is actively working to address the most significant challenges that she is currently facing, which include the adaptation of the city to the changing climate and the distribution of social housing.

Additionally, they have altered their perspectives on the elections that will take place in the United States and the threat that a new election for Donald Trump in 2024 will pose to the democratic system. Anne Hidalgo has been invited to see the former resident of the Maison Blanche in Chicago by the former owner of the abode.

During his visit to Paris on March 15, the Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, had a meeting with President Barack Obama. The French news agency Franceinfo’s political department obtained this information from the mayor’s entourage early on Saturday. Some of the themes that will be discussed include the Olympic and Paralympic Games that will be held in Paris, as well as the primary issues that Anne Hidalgo is now working on, which include the adaptation of the city to climate change and the establishment of social housing.

They also talked on the elections that took place in the United States and the threat that the election of Donald Trump would bring to democratic institutions. Additionally, the former president of the United States extended an invitation to the mayor of Paris to visit him in Chicago.

The former leader of the United States, who is currently in Beijing and New Delhi, had previously participated in a memorial ceremony for the victims of the terrorist attacks that took place in the French capital on November 13, 2015, alongside Hollande and Hidalgo. This event took place two years ago.

It is anticipated that he would discuss attempts to uphold the Climate Agreement that was reached in Paris later that year, but which his successor, Donald Trump, has walked out of. His visit is scheduled to take place on Saturday.

Macron’s visit comes at a time when Macron is attempting to implement a complex diplomatic strategy with Trump. Macron welcomed Trump as the guest of honor at the Bastille Day celebrations this year in an unsuccessful attempt to convince him to change his views about climate change.

There is also a disagreement between Macron and Trump about the topic of the Iranian nuclear deal that was made by the Obama administration. Macron is opposed to the deal, and Trump is in favor of preserving it.

During his campaign for the presidency, Macron, who is 39 years old, attempted to convey the “hope and change” message that Obama had given during his campaign. He focused on mobilizing grassroots support for his upstart centrist organization, which was called En Marche! (On the Move!).

In a video that was uploaded to the internet in May, President Obama pledged his official support to French President Emmanuel Macron. This came three days before the second round of the election, in which Macron defeated his far-right opponent Marine Le Pen.

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According to the Napoleons, a relatively unknown industry association that was established only four years ago and describes itself as a “innovative communications network,” his speech that took place on Saturday in Paris is a big victory for the sector.

The objective of the Napoleons, a prestigious club, is to bring together individuals who are interested in innovation and come from the business, media, and culture sectors. Hollande, a different former president, was the most prominent guest on the show before to Obama’s announcement.

Obama’s participation has been preceded by a scandal that has been centered upon his alleged cost of 400,000 euros, which is equivalent to $477,000.

Stéphane Richard, the senior CEO of Orange, the telecoms group that is sponsoring the event, has refuted accusations in the media that his company is footing the cost in an effort to elevate his profile and increase his prospects of extending his mandate.–harmonica-linea-iraq/?v=0–/10617491





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