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Vallenato mourns Colombian novelist Omar Geles, author of “The Paths of Life”

By b0oua May 23, 2024

Omar Geles Suárez, a vallenato composer and singer, passed away on Tuesday, May 21 at the age of 57. He passed away in a medical center in Valledupar, which is located in the Cesar province of Colombia.

Geles passed away at the Erasmo facility in the capital of Cesar, which is located in the northern region of Colombia. According to a statement released by the institution, Geles was carried there in an emergency after experiencing syncope after taking part in a tennis match at a club in this city to the north of Colombia.

“Despite the immediate efforts that our medical team made, it was not possible to perform resuscitation,” the statement informed the audience. A spokesperson for Geles was contacted by CNN on Wednesday in an effort to obtain additional information; however, CNN has not yet received a response.

In the latter part of the month of April, it was discovered that Geles had been experiencing a number of health issues that caused his fans to be concerned. It was stated by the local media in Colombia that the vallenato musician had to be admitted to a Miami clinic on the 28th of that month after he passed out during a musical performance owing to chest issues.

After receiving medical attention, the same artist posted a message on his website. It was at that time that he published the following: “To GOD the glory because he is the owner of life and of everything I still need a very large handful of songs to give you, I love you, here I am like an oak tree.”

For the artist’s passing, the government of the department of Cesar stated on Wednesday that it would observe a day of mourning through its official account in X.

Geles was born in February 1967 in the town of Mahates, Bolívar, according to the media in Colombia. However, while he was still very young, he relocated to Valledupar, which is the capital of Vallenato and is considered to be the cradle of Vallenato folklore. The year 1985 marked the beginning of his career as a musician, and he began his career with the vocalist Miguel Morales. Together, they established the musical ensemble “Los Diablitos,” which he stayed a member of until 1991. In recognition of his exceptional ability to play the accordion, Geles was awarded the title of “king vallenato” at the Festival de la Leyenda in the year 1989. Known as Valledupar Vallenata. His work as a composer, however, was possibly his most significant contribution. More than nine hundred songs were composed by him, and some of them were huge blockbusters that were recorded by musicians like Silvestre Dangond, Jorge Celedón, Felipe Peláez, and the late Diomedes Díaz and Patricia Teherán, amongst other notable names in the vallenato genre.

“The paths of life,” “The greatest love on the planet,” “Four roses,” “I met him late,” “I like it, I like it,” and “The fault was yours” are some of the great and remembered hits that the artist has had in his prolific career as a composer, according to statements that he made in interviews with the press over the course of the past 12-month period.

This past Wednesday, the National Directorate of Copyright Law expressed their sorrow over the passing of Geles by posting a message on his X account, which read, “His legacy will live on through each of his songs.” Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.

This past Saturday, May 18, in Bogotá, he gave his final and most recent performance on stage. It was during the concert of the singer Silvestre Dangond, who recorded many of his lyrics and took advantage of the opportunity to express gratitude to him for his creations. “For you, for your songs, half of my career is in your hands black, I adore you my black, I love you,” were the words that Dangond addressed to him before the more than 40 thousand people that filled the El Campín stadium in the Colombian capital. , as Geles published on Instagram.

Silvestre Dangond updated his profile picture on Instagram to include a photo of him hugging the musician who had passed away. Elvis Crespo, a merengue singer from New York, also published a few lines on his social networks to express his condolences and bid goodbye to Omar Geles.

Omar Geles, the genius, rest in peace. That Colombia is such a disgrace! At this very time, tears are accompanying me. Kindly accept my sincere condolences on behalf of his family and country.He wrote, “I like it, I like it,” and I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to perform “The Paths of Life.”

In order to pay tribute to Geles Suárez, the body of the Vallenata music singer was moved this Wednesday in the middle of a roadway of honor to the Rafael Carrillo Luque Departmental Library in Valledupar. There, it will remain in a burning chamber for two days. This was done as part of the arrangements made by the local government.

Not just in his home country of Colombia, but also in other nations such as Venezuela, the news of Omar Geles’s passing, who was considered to be one of the pioneers of the vallenato genre, sent shockwaves across the entertainment and music industries.

She was 57 years old when she passed away last night (Tuesday, May 21). She was a composer, singer, and accordionist, and she was the author of the hit song “The Paths of Life.” According to EFE, he passed away at the Erasmo Clinic in Valledupar, which is widely regarded as the international capital of this music. He had suffered a cardiac ailment while participating in sports, which led to his death.

Additionally, the Spanish agency notes the fact that following the announcement, a crowd gathered in front of the medical center where Geles passed away to perform songs that he had written. A surge of words of solidarity and acknowledgment from friends, composers, and followers of the artist Geles has been triggered as a result of his passing. Geles was notable for his wide smile, which was a defining characteristic of his personality. His passing has caused shock and sadness throughout the nation.

One of the first people to respond was Carlos Vives, a singer who belongs to Geles’s inner circle of friends. “The untimely departure of an artist like Omar Geles, who has a great deal of talent, a great deal of joy, a great deal of stories to tell, and a great deal of love for people, is not something that is easy to take. I could tell you numerous anecdotes about an artist who was truly brotherly, who did not pursue their own interests, and who was adored by everyone. Dear Omar, I will miss you very much; may you finally find peace. According to the Samario artist, who voiced his thoughts on his social networks, “We continue on the paths of life until we face each other again.”

Fanny Lu, a singer who specializes in tropical music, has also expressed her sorrow over the departure of the idol by writing an article for X that reads as follows: “Today music is in mourning.” Omar Geles, may you rest in peace; you and your music will forever be remembered and loved by all of us!

Almost immediately after hearing the tragic news, a number of notable personalities in the artistic community in Venezuela and throughout the world came together in a state of emotional solidarity to pay tribute to the legacy of Omar Geles through the use of passionate words.

When the King of Vallenato passed away in 1989, Luis Silva was one of the Venezuelans who took to social networks to express their condolences and tell him goodbye. “I had the privilege of recording #LosCaminosDeLaVida in llanero rhythm with “omargeles,” who is widely considered to be one of the most talented composers of the recent past. As you ascend, my God is waiting for you to come to him with open arms so that he can sing your most beautiful poetry with his angels. Take flight, my brother. The singer from Barin posted a video clip of a folklor vallenato of sadness on Instagram, where she also shared the recording with Geles.–664f12b9d43e5#goto7148—-morocco-166468496

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