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US expectations are high before the historic Trump trial on Monday.

By b0oua Apr 15, 2024

The Republican faces 34 electoral law violations allegations in the first criminal prosecution against a former US president.

Trump in a criminal dock is a dream come true for many Democratic Party voters. First-ever criminal prosecution of a former president. The tycoon is ready to test his political popularity over the next six or eight weeks.

Jury selection will begin Monday in Lower Manhattan state court with Colombian-born judge Juan Merchán. One million and a half American adults reside on the island of skyscrapers. Twelve fair men or women must be found to judge someone who leaves no one indifferent.

Trump was known as a corrupt, vicious businessman who learnt real estate from casino roulette tables and golf courses before taking office in 2017. These activities, accentuated by the spotlight, have landed him in court multiple times in two years. The ‘Vanity Fair’ journalist Jean Caroll legal complaint for sexual assault and defamation. To then be accused of tax fraud for inflating and depreciating his property to get cheap loans and policies.

All of these cases sought damages, but the trial starting Monday is more severe since it cannot be settled with money. Trump, 77, might be jailed, but no one thinks he will because he has no criminal record and it’s not a violent offense. The procedure begins a new, unprecedented period in the country’s political history.

The former president, who polls suggest could return to the White House in January, is accused of concealing his payments to Stormy Daniels to purchase her silence 12 days before the 2016 elections. He recorded them as intermediary payments from his lawyer, Michael Cohen, rather than campaign expenses. He wrote checks and entered balance sheets for 150,000 dollars, but he postponed them in different deliveries, making them crimes. There are 34 charges with a possible four-year jail sentence.

District Attorney Alvin Bragg said, “Manhattan is home to the most significant business market in the country,” announcing the indictment. “We cannot allow New York companies to manipulate their accounting to cover up criminal conduct.” He will have six weeks to prove that Trump faked the accounting and intended to cheat American voters by withholding the facts.

Stormy Daniels

He paid Cohen to buy Stormy Daniels’ silence, as Cohen and the media business that informed Trump that she was selling her story have admitted. Paying someone to keep a bad secret is legal. An election candidate cannot hide it on the books, which would be a minor offense in New York unless done to disguise a large one. Prosecutor forced the rope there.

Critical jurists recognize that this minor misdemeanor, which could have been fined, would not have been raised to a serious criminal that warrants a prison sentence without Trump’s prominence. Trump need not conduct an electoral law violation, but the prosecutor must prove he meant to. Starting this week, the twelve jurors will become numbers and decide. No one will mention him again. Their lives are going to change significantly.

Trump initially visited the 15th floor of 100 Center St. last year amid a media circus and impeachment demonstrators. Starting today, he must sit in the court from 9AM to 4PM Monday through Friday, except Wednesdays.

No one believes that he will use the awkward situation to draw cameras and garner donations from his followers. According to his campaign statements, his admirers donated $4 million after his first appearance last year and $7.1 in the four days after his indictment in Georgia.

The president faces 88 serious crimes in four jurisdictions, but everything suggests that Judge Merchán will try the lone case before the elections today. He will decide on a punishment that may or may not include jail time. Whoever has their fate in the hands of a magistrate would try not to anger him, but the former president has publicly accused him of being part of a political campaign to smooth the way for Biden.

His daughter, Loren Merchán, works for an advertising agency that has digital clients including the president and other prominent Democrats, so she has asked to be removed from the case. Merchán also condemned his financial boss, Alan Weisselberg, to five months in prison for agreeing to submit a statement with the prosecution. He claims he would have sentenced him harsher.


When instructing jury applicants on Monday, the judge will offer to excuse themselves if they are unsuitable, but they must explain why. It won’t help to claim religious holidays because Merchán claims he’ll accommodate their schedules, but the 42 questions on the questionnaire will disqualify many.

The main far-right groups involved in the Capitol storming on January 6 are Qanon, Proud Boys, Oathkeepers, Three Percenters, Boogaloo Boys, and Trump’s lawyers have added Antifa, the left’s nemesis.

Can you find one to a dozen Manhattan adults without a Trump opinion? That’s too complicated to even try. It will enough that they lack “a strong or firmly held opinion” about him, his presidential campaign, or his indictment. Lawyers ask “do you have any opinions on the limits of government political contributions?” “have you read or listened to any of the books or podcasts by Michael Cohen or Mark Pomerantz?” and “Can you promise that you will set aside anything you have heard or read about this case and render your verdict based only on the evidence presented in this court?” to read bias into their behavior.

Thousands of journalists are competing for the union’s 58 seats to closely examine Trump’s and the jury’s sentiments. Their faces and names will not be seen to the 114 seats in the neighboring room. Five photographers and three TV cameras will immortalize you in the minutes before the session. Although not aired, the procedure will hold the nation in suspense and make it hard for Trump to attend campaign events.

His meeting with Michael Cohen, his former lawyer who worked for him for over a decade until he felt abandoned when the legal fence closed around him, will be the most anticipated. Cohen, 57, said he “would have eaten a bullet for Trump.” He is now the witness who can imprison him. A unique court series highlight.



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