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US: a special prosecutor defends criticizing Biden’s memory

By b0oua Mar 13, 2024

Robert Hur, a special prosecutor, made a recommendation in his report that was published in February to dismiss the case against Joe Biden.

He said specifically that a jury would be reluctant to convict a “elderly man with a bad memory.”

On Tuesday, the American special prosecutor who is responsible for probing the preservation of private information by Joe Biden defended his contentious comments on the sometimes failing memory of the president in order to justify his decision to give up prosecuting him.

These comments were made in front of the House of Representatives. The comparison between the case of the Democratic president and that of his Republican predecessor, Donald Trump, who must be judged in another case of alleged casual management confidential documents, was the primary focus of the hearings that took place before two committees of the House of Representatives, which were dominated by Republicans.

A special prosecutor named Robert Hur made a recommendation to dismiss the case against Joe Biden in his report that was published in February. He argued specifically that a jury would be reluctant to convict a “elderly man with a bad memory.” Following this, the camp of the president, who is 81 years old, declared that the comments were “gratuitous” and “inappropriate.”

According to a summary that Robert Hur provided on Tuesday at the beginning of his hearing, which lasted for many hours, “We have collected evidence that the president knowingly kept classified documents after the end of his vice-presidency (2009-2017, Editor’s note), while he was a private citizen.” He continued by saying, “However, we have not gathered evidence that is beyond any reasonable doubt.” “My mission was to establish whether the president had “knowingly” retained or disclosed confidential information,” the special prosecutor recounted. “It was my responsibility to determine all of these things.”

It is impossible for me to reach a conclusion regarding this matter without first analyzing the president’s mental state. For this reason, I had to take into consideration the president’s memory as well as his general mental condition, as well as how a jury in a criminal court might see them,” he explained. I am confident that my evaluation of the significance of memory that was included in the report was not only correct but also necessary and fair. Robert Hur argued that he had not sanitized his argument and that he had not unfairly denigrated the president when he was speaking.

“Of course you denigrated the president,” said Adam Schiff, a Democratic elected person from California (west), accusing him of having sparked a “political fire” by speaking out in his report on the general state of the memory of Joe Biden, rather than restricting himself to specific facts and dates. Schiff’s statement was made in response to the fact that he failed to confine himself to specific facts and dates. Assuring that “political considerations played no role in my investigation, in my decision, or in the words I used,” Robert Hur stated that he had no political bias.

On the other hand, a number of elected Republican officials have expressed their disapproval of what they call a “double standard” between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Equal treatment ought to have been accorded to both Biden and Trump. “They were not,” Matt Gaetz, a Republican who was elected from Florida, expressed his confidence.

However, the most important thing that this hearing did was provide the Democrats the chance to make a comparison that was not flattering to the candidate who was the favorite in the Republican primaries. In his report, the special prosecutor also made notice of the “contrast” between the two men’s approaches to their separate cases. He emphasized that, according to the indictment, Mr. Trump instructed “third parties to destroy evidence and deny” the allegations.

Notable allegations of “obstruction of justice” have been made against Donald Trump, who is 77 years old and is currently facing criminal charges for allegedly transferring hundreds of classified documents to his private estate in Florida after leaving the White House. Following the discovery of classified documents dating back to Joe Biden’s time as vice president, including information on the American military operation in Afghanistan, at his apartment in Wilmington, Delaware, as well as in a former office, Mr. Hur was appointed as a special prosecutor in January 2023. This appointment came as a result of the discovery.
















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