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Rapper Gata Cattana is as of now “everlasting” in film

By b0oua Mar 13, 2024

Madrid (EFE).- Corresponding with the fifth commemoration of the passing of Ana Isabel García, prominently known as Gata Cattana

Movie producers Juanma Sayalonga and David Sainz debut today the narrative “Eterna”, zeroed in on the life and work of the Cordoban rapper who “it denoted an age.”

“We needed to shoot a film that showed a total picture of the craftsman, of what is noticeable and known and furthermore of her own life; of that mark that she has left, on a creative level as well as on a human level,” those liable for her clear up for EFE. Sayalonga and Cattana (Adamuz, Córdoba, 1991) knew one another from the time the artist spent in Granada and, after her abrupt demise in 2017 at 25 years old, because of anaphylactic shock, the movie producer wanted to recount her story .

“I had a ton of esteem for her, she was a hyper-genius, very open young lady, I was shocked by the self-assurance she had and how forward she was, she was not embarrassed about anything,” he recalls previously “the blow” that her demise involved and ” “the colossal void that it left for some individuals, both creatively and by and by.”

In spite of the extraordinary ability of individuals to partake in the narrative, the two chiefs perceive that the street to its delivery has not been simple. Sayalonga began this task alone through crowdfunding in 2019, with which he acquired funding to begin creation.

“I’m more well versed in fiction, so I don’t for the most part make narratives, yet when Juanma (Sayalonga) called me with this undertaking close by, I joined without reconszidering in light of the fact that I saw a potential chance to accomplish something else, yet it was “It was vital for Ana’s figure to be known,” stresses David Sainz, who participated in this stage alongside maker Teresa Segura.

It has been three years of examination with various meetings with family, companions and partners with whom he experienced childhood with stage, like DJ Carlos Esteso or rapper Aenege, as well as social characters like La Mala Rodríguez, Juancho Marqués, Alejandra Martínez de Miguel or Sara Socas.

“The most lovely thing about the narrative is the quantity of individuals who needed to partake and how flawlessly they discussed it, with a light as though they had seen a unicorn cruise by, which brought together the tone of the narrative,” its creators underscore.

As far as they might be concerned, “Eterna” is a “typical biopic” since, aside from “considering memory, time, craftsmanship and the imprint we leave on the planet”, it starts by telling the existence of Ana Isabel, that generally part obscure of the craftsman who experienced childhood in the modest community of Adamuz and who started to stand apart from an extremely youthful age.

“It was essential to make a total story, not simply tell the most popular feature, which is the point at which he goes to Granada and later to Madrid ; Before that, we need to make sense of how he arrives,” says Sainz.

The film is developed through pictures and home recordings given by the family to companions from her life as a youngster, pre-adulthood or her expert vocation, in which we can perceive how she became Gata Cattana.

As it couldn’t be in any case, the soundtrack likewise takes on a unique job as it is worked from Cattana’s fragmented discography, which finished up with the LP “Banzai” (2017). “Her work is astounding in light of the fact that it appears to be that she has made a melody for each piece of the narrative,” close those liable for “Eterna.” The rationalist, mathematician and stargazer was killed during narrow minded times. However, her way of opportunity lives on

Some of the time passing is an image that endures everyday hardship. Many years after her death at the command of Diocesan Cyril, Hypatia — a Renaissance-style scholarly who protected the detachment of chapel and state — lives on, related with the battle for opportunity.

Voltaire, Edward Gibbon and Bertrand Russell all referenced Hypatia in their work. Narratives and movies, like Ágora, by Alejandro Amenábar, have been made about her life. In his gigantically well known TV series Universe, Carl Sagan depicted Hypatia’s demise like this: “In the year 415, en route to work she was set upon by an over the top crowd of Cyril’s parishioners. They hauled her from her chariot, removed her garments, and, furnished with abalone shells, excoriated her tissue from her bones. Her remaining parts were scorched, her works crushed, her name neglected.”

The years go by, yet the memory of the Alexandrian lady returns over and over. She is a sort of old pop star who adjusts to every period and endures the entry of the hundreds of years. In progress is Hypatia I, a fourteen day mission drove by Catalan researchers at the Mars Desert Exploration Station in Utah, where they have tried, in addition to other things, a correspondences convention with Earth.

Each Walk 15, Hypatia Day is commended to advance female logical exploration. The rapper Gata Cattana — who sang that “I don’t wear fragrances by Nina Ricci, I’m more into books by Silvia Federici” — named Hypatia as one of the many “girls of Eve searching for a light.” And a lot more keep on recalling her: toward the finish of 2022, the original Hypatia, by Charles Kingsley (Legare Road Press), was republished.

Is there anybody today who, similar to Hypatia, will bite the dust to safeguard their thoughts? “Savants live on the edge of the void, on the grounds that the vast majority search for replies in religion, not way of thinking,” writer Costica Bradatan, writer of the book Biting the dust for Thoughts: The Hazardous Existences of the Scholars, reflects. For the Romanian creator, the Alexandrian scholar had a close strict devotion to reasoning. Her death — like the demise of Socrates — addresses the birth and combination of reasoning, a sort of establishment in light of conciliatory demonstrations. “They are rough passings of a public sort, which have a specific association with saints,” he said in a phone discussion.


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