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Stormy Daniels Says Trump’s Legal Fees Are ‘Unfair’

By b0oua Jul 5, 2024

The former adult film actress is now liable for $600,000 in legal fees after her defamation action against the former US president was dismissed.

Complete sympathy for Stormy Daniels. The former porn star, who dated Donald Trump for one night in 2006, is obligated to pay the former US president $600,000. The cause? It was decided that her slander lawsuit against him was inadmissible.

That means she has to pay back the billionaire’s legal bills. The former adult film actress gets surprised in a number of ways. If Stormy Daniels had brought a defamation lawsuit against Donald Trump in 2018, it would have been because of his unequivocal denial—albeit with a few expletives—that he had dated her and then bought her silence shortly before the 2016 US  election.

However, Donald Trump has now been found guilty on all 34 charges of accounting record fabrication. Documents containing fake information about the wire transfer Stormy Daniels received.

The prosecution saw the actress’s testimony as pivotal as it was primarily responsible for the man’s conviction, who is currently seeking reelection as president.

Two measures, two weights?

In the meantime, journalist E. Jean Carroll has won her defamation case against The Apprentice’s former host. She received an order last month for $88.3 million from Donald Trump. The 77-year-old candidate’s comments refuting her charges of sexual assault against him prompted the journalist to file a defamation case against him.

Given that I have stronger evidence than E. Jean Carroll, how is it fair? I’m happy she prevailed. Stormy Daniels stated, “They keep giving her money like it’s a f*cking treat,” in the Daily Mail podcast Everything I Know About Me.

Not quite done with Donald Trump

“After it was discovered that Donald Trump had disparaged her by labeling her a fraud, insane, and liar, she was granted an award of over $90 million, or roughly 83 million euros. The same trio of personal jabs. They are attempting to seize Barrett’s (her husband) house, and I owe her $600,000.

It’s very ludicrous and foolish. This is too real to make up,” she continued.

The court ruling in Donald Trump’s trial against E. Jean Carroll has been appealed. On July 11, he will be sentenced in relation to his conviction by 12 jurors for fabricating accounting paperwork.

A few days prior to the Republican convention, where he is anticipated to make his formal announcement as a contender for the November presidential election, the choice was made. Though a prison term is a possibility in theory, American editorialists are more in favor of a substantial fine.


By b0oua

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