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Biden seeks Democratic unity.

By b0oua Jul 4, 2024

On Wednesday, Joe Biden will meet with Democratic governors in an attempt to assuage their concerns about his capacity to lead a successful campaign against Donald Trump, a claim that his own party has made with great uncertainty ever since last Thursday’s disastrous debate.

The American president’s terrible impression from the ninety minutes he spent stammering, staring into space, and occasionally losing his train of thought is still very much present almost a week later.

Due to this, a number of Democrats, including prominent members of the party like Nancy Pelosi, have openly called for his withdrawal and questioned his mental capacity in public. However, these requests have only been made by a small number of unknown MPs thus far.

The 81-year-old Democrat and the president are expected to meet at the White House at 22:30 GMT. There are roughly 20 Democratic state governors in the US, while the precise number of attendees at the meeting is unknown.

“Healthy discussion

“We’ll have a constructive conversation with the president,” Illinois Democratic Governor JB Pritzker said on CNN on Tuesday evening. “Right now, Joe Biden is our nominee, I’m 100 percent behind him, unless he makes a different decision, and then we’ll all discuss what the best course of action is,” he stated.

Not only does the governor of Illinois have presidential aspirations, but so do the governors of California (Gavin Newsom), Michigan (Gretchen Whitmer), and Pennsylvania (Josh Shapiro).

Until he voluntarily withdraws, no one has officially contested Joe Biden’s candidacy, who easily won the Democratic primary and is therefore guaranteed the nomination. While most polls taken since the debate affirm a modest lead for Donald Trump, others show little agitation, indicating that Americans had not waited to worry about the cognitive capacity of the oldest president in the nation’s history.

Take a look

According to a count made public by CBS on Wednesday, the former president is within statistical error of having 50% of the intended votes nationwide compared to 48% for his Democratic opponent and 51% versus 48% in the states that matter most.

As of right now, there’s no sign that Joe Biden will be leaving office soon. In the next several days, he will be on the campaign trail in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, two “swing states” that are critical to the outcome of the presidential contest. Following the Supreme Court’s decision on Monday to extend presidential immunity—a win for the man who has been criminally charged many times—his campaign team unveiled a new video on Wednesday.

The narrator is reassured that the highest American court “has decided that the president can disregard the law even to commit a crime because Donald Trump asked him to,” as pictures of the former president’s supporters’ attack on the Capitol building on January 6, 2021, appear in the background.


The message is unmistakable: We should band together to oppose the 78-year-old Republican billionaire, who refused to give up four years ago. In an effort to demonstrate his ability to talk clearly without the use of a teleprompter, the Democrat also has an interview scheduled for this Friday with ABC television and a solo press conference for the following week.

Regarding last Thursday’s lackluster showing, supporters of Joe Biden claimed that it was a “bad night” for a candidate who was afflicted with more than just a “cold.”

On Tuesday, the principal involved provided an additional explanation. He said to the donors that he had “almost fallen asleep on stage” because it was “not very smart” to have “travelled around the world several times” in the run-up to the debate.

Without an official agenda or public appearance during this time, Joe Biden traveled to France and Italy in June and returned to the United States on June 15, twelve days ahead of his televised battle with Donald Trump, for which he had spent six days preparing.–66866917e0bb9#goto9010


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