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“So much emotional intensity that she needs to breathe”

By b0oua Mar 23, 2024

In order to provide an analysis of the statement of the Princess of Wales’ illness, “Infobae Spain” interacts with two specialists in the field of gestural communication.

In order to put an end to rumors and conjecture regarding her health, Kate Middleton has made a significant stride forward. The Princess of Wales has made the decision to come forward and explain in a video that she has been diagnosed with cancer. She has also requested that her privacy be respected and stated that she will return to work as soon as the treatment permits her to do so without interruption.

On this occasion, Kate’s announcement has been quite methodical, thereby attempting to settle a scandal that has generated a crisis of communication and reputation. This is in contrast to the improvisation and mistakes that Kensington has made in the past in an effort to stop the media cyclone that has enveloped the Waleses.

On the other hand, what goes beyond what Kate and her team intended to demonstrate in the audiovisual statement that the princess made? In an effort to provide a solution to this question, Infobae Spain has reached out to two professionals who specialize in non-verbal communication and is conducting a thorough analysis of the declaration made by Prince William’s wife.

Kate is described as “quite serious and worried” by Cristian Salomoni, a criminologist who specializes in non-verbal language and is the head of the IIAC International Institute for Behavioral Analysis. Salomoni also describes Kate as “nervous and with some frustration.”

It is also very necessary that this critical news be delivered at the place that was chosen: “That green garden of hope behind it symbolizes the spring that is born, it is a symbol of life while she is talking about such a serious topic,” says the expert. “It is a symbol as she is talking about something that is so serious.”

According to Sonia El Hakim, who is the director of the Master’s Degree in Non-Verbal Communication and Management Skills at Miguel de Cervantes European University, the fact that one is able to converse while seated on a garden bench or in a park is indicative of “a personal context.” According to the expert, ” Kate is the one who is speaking; the Princess of Wales is not the one who is speaking.”

This sense of proximity is bolstered by the presence of natural light and Kate’s makeup, which is not overly noticeable. It is the gesture with which “they want to close this entire communication crisis that has led to a reputation crisis,” according to El Hakim, who characterizes this video as the gesture with which “they want to put an end to theories.” “It tries to convey sincerity and that there are no artifices,” El Hakim says. as well as rumors.

Attempt to bring about a state of calmness.
Kate wanted to maintain control of the message and do her best to suppress the feelings that she is experiencing during this trying time. In light of the fact that “nothing is left to improvisation” in these interventions, the expert believes that the princess is “reading a teleprompter.” This is what the expert takes into consideration. Despite this, Kate is unable to conceal the feelings that she is experiencing. According to Sonia, there are certain very challenging situations in which there is such a high level of emotional intensity that you need to take a moment to yourself.

“He has a gesture like caressing his hands to calm himself and calm the negative emotions he feels when talking about a topic as strong as this,” adds Salomoni, and his partner agrees with this statement: “He has a gesture like that.” Immediately prior to announcing that the family has passed away After enduring two trying months, she takes a deeper breath, expands her nostrils, and pauses… Due to the fact that it is so emotionally difficult for her, she requires that particular moment in order to take the initiative to express it.

There is a possibility that you might be interested in reading “You are not alone,” which is a message of support that Kate Middleton sent to all cancer patients when she announced her diagnosis.

The stance of the main character in the video is also an important aspect to consider. Furthermore, according to El Hakim, her bodily position is “contracted and immobile, symptomatic of the moment in which she finds herself,” despite the fact that the naturalness that is intended to be conveyed is being taken into consideration. Cristian Salomoni adds, “Her posture is very contracted, and her legs give the impression that she is defending herself, trying to protect herself.” This is the picture that is sent by her posture.

Both of the most difficult times
According to the judgment of the specialist, Kate’s facial expression shifts throughout the video in accordance with the subject matter that she discusses in her speech: “As she begins to smile, she adopts an adaptive gesture, which consists of tapping her hand and moving her leg. This occurs as she is discussing the surgical procedure. As a result of the fact that she has a difficult time recalling the operation, the expression that started off as friendly eventually turns into a serious one.

For Sonia, this particular moment is one of the most difficult in the video on an emotional level for Kate, coupled with the one that takes place when she speaks to the significant shock that the news has caused in her family: “She takes a deep breath and makes gestures with her hands that are not only adaptive but also adaptive.” She examines the situation and says, “It is possibly the most challenging moment in the video.”

On the other hand, the expert sees a “subtle expression of sadness” on the princess’s face when she confesses that she was diagnosed with cancer, a sentiment that creeps into her face “despite the fact that she does not want to show too much emotion.”At long last, the daughter-in-law of King Charles III addresses the audience with some words of reassurance, saying, “I’m fine.

” His non-verbal communication reveals that he is making this motion with the intention of reassuring the person who is observing him: “From that moment on, he changes his voice and makes pseudo-spontaneous movements that try to convince whoever is seeing him that he is fine.” Sonia El Hakim confirms that this is exactly what he has done with his children, and that he is providing us with reassurance.

Meanwhile, Cristian Salomoni emphasizes that Kate “is expressing quite intimate things that we don’t know to what extent they are important.” He says this in reference to Kate’s statements. For this reason, she asks herself “to what extent what is private is public for people like politicians and royals ” and dares to predict what this video will cause: “It is going to be very powerful, because people will see her affected and thin and many of Those who have joked about whether it was her or not will now empathize and know that they were wrong.”

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