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reviews of Coppola’s science fiction film ‘Megalopolis’ are incredulous.

By b0oua May 16, 2024

Among the megalomaniacal projects that are already provoking strong opinions is the one in which Adam Driver stars.

‘Megalopolis’ is the next film directed by Francis Ford Coppola, and with each new piece of information that we obtain, our anticipations continue to grow. The fact that it had a release date of 2024 was already something that we were aware of, as well as the fact that its ambition and point of view guaranteed either a massive success or a catastrophic failure. The fact that the first opinions are coming in, however, is when we are beginning to verify that things are serious: we are looking at the film that is the most ambitious and unclassifiable of the year.

The preview that took place in New York took place in front of CEOs, influential people, and journalists, and these are the perspectives that emerged from that event. The statement that it is “amazing how crazy it is” was made by one of them. They described it as “a mix of Ayn Rand, ‘Metropolis’ by Fritz Lang, and ‘Caligula’ by Tinto Brass.” Apparently, it features a scene that takes place toward the end of the film and stars Jon Voight and Aubrey Plaza. They have described this scene as “one of the most unsettling that has ever been seen.”

There are some people who describe it as a film that is “hard to sell” and that has “zero commercial possibilities.” However, this does not necessarily mean that it is a commercial enterprise either. Many of the attendees appear to be in agreement on the peculiar nature of the project and the little possibilities that Coppola has of recouping the 120 million dollars that it has cost him. He has financed the project by selling a portion of his vineyards that are located in northern California.

The narrative of a woman who discovers that the two men in her life have different destiny is told in this picture, which features an all-star cast that includes Adam Driver, Forest Whitaker, Jon Voight, Laurence Fishburne, Jason Schwartzman, and Shia LaBeouf. Her father is a powerful businessman who has a traditional outlook on society, and her lover is an architect who has the goal of significantly altering New York City and transforming it into a utopia that will allow it to survive a tragedy that has decimated it.

The primary concern at this time, in light of the extravagant nature of the film, is whether or not it will be distributed. This is because, similar to Coppola’s most recent films (since ‘Legitimate Defense’ in 1997, his few releases have been radically independent productions, such as ‘The Ageless Man’, ‘Tetro’, and his most recent film, ‘Twixt’, which was released in 2011,) it will remain in a distribution limbo that is almost non-existent. In addition to this, there are films such as “Apocalypse Now” and “Heart,” which ended up being such a financial disaster at the box office that they literally drove away studios.

Due to the fact that this is the initial preview, Megal√≥polis still has a long road ahead of it in terms of distribution, advertising, and release. The film that Coppola thought of in the early 1980s and which was reactivated already in this century will finally have its long-awaited conclusion. Names such as Russell Crowe, Leonardo DiCaprio, Paul Newman, and Nicolas Cage were among the actors who were considered for the role of the film’s cast. Despite the fact that the filmmaker shot thirty hours of second unit footage, the project was halted due to the attacks of September 11, 2001… till today.

Megalopolis, directed by Francis Ford Coppola, has recently been shown in theaters, and a recent report provides information about how people responded to the movie. Ceasar, an idealistic architect who strives to reconstruct New York City as a utopia after a catastrophic calamity, is portrayed by Adam Driver in the film Megalopolis, which is a long-time passion project for director Francis Ford Coppola, who is well known for his films The Godfather and Apocalypse Now. Additionally, Aubrey Plaza, Shia LaBeouf, Nathalie Emmanuel, Dustin Hoffman, and a number of other actors are included in the science fiction epic, which has a budget of 120 million dollars that was self-financed.

What I’m Hearing, a newsletter published by Puck and written by Matthew Belloni, has recently disclosed the reception that Megalopolis received after its initial screening. According to Belloni, the responses heard from those outside the theater were generally characterized by a sense of general confusion. A person who was present informed him that the movie had “zero commercial prospects,” and that it is “unflinching in how batsh-t it is.” According to one description, the movie is a combination of “Ayn Rand, Metropolis, and Caligula.” The allegation goes so far as to suggest that a portion of the film “came alive” when an actor in the audience had a conversation with Driver while they were both on screen. There are also reports that the conclusion is “baffling.”

Despite the fact that Megalopolis has not yet secured a distributor, the reactions indicate that it may have difficulty in this regard. Should the picture turn out to be as odd as Belloni’s claim suggests, it is possible that larger distributors such as Warner Bros. and Universal will not be interested in distributing it. A film that is too strange, after all, is difficult to promote, and it is more likely to fail in theaters than a film that is not. In the event that viewers are unable to fully comprehend what they are witnessing, it is quite unlikely that word of mouth will be particularly powerful.

However, Megalopolis might have better chance with a smaller distributor that focuses in projects that have a more specialized appeal to a certain audience. Neon, for instance, is recommended by Belloni as an example of a corporation that might be eager to bite. When other firms decided not to pursue the film, Neon made the decision to purchase the distribution rights for Ferrari in the United States. Ferrari is another pricey movie starring Driver.

Despite the fact that it is highly probable that Megalopolis will be distributed in some fashion or another, the most important question will be how well it is received by audiences. Given that it is a picture directed by Coppola and that there is already an air of mystery and expectation surrounding the project, it is quite possible that there is already a tiny audience that has already been built in. Megalopolis, on the other hand, will require mass popularity in order to even come close to breaking even at the box office, and the most recent report implies that it may be unlikely to achieve this goal.

Because of his reputation as an intrepid explorer who was willing to risk everything, to defy the studio suits, and to go to the verge of destruction and madness for the sake of art, Francis Ford Coppola has been a part of that history. The production of Apocalypse Now solidified that legend, which included the epic scale, the jungle craziness, the heart attacks, the unbiddable weather, and even less biddable players. All of these elements were documented by his wife, Eleanor, in the documentary Hearts of Darkness, which was released in 1991. The anti-establishment stance that Coppola takes has resulted in some of the most successful films in the history of cinema (such as the Godfather trilogy, The Conversation, and Dracula), as well as some of the most unsuccessful films (such as One From the Heart and The Cotton Club).

It would appear that the 85-year-old director is placing all of his eggs in one basket for the very last time with his long-awaited science fiction epic Megalopolis, which will make its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival this coming Friday. The fact that Coppola has been working on this film for more than four decades, during which time it has been subjected to a great number of rewrites, delays, and false starts, is something that nobody can quite believe has actually taken place. It is only because he sold a portion of his prosperous winemaking estate in order to finance the film when no one else would do so that it is currently in existence. What do you think the outcome of Megalopolis will be? Will it be a great masterpiece from the New Hollywood titan, or will it be a “really shitty, embarrassing, pompous film on an important subject”–Opini%C3%B3n–Revi/10660116–6645b0165c136#goto6909–6645eae399fca#goto6921!-tunisia-by-cardioactive-tunisia—–tunisia-428676162

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