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Miss Universe will return to Cuba, therefore registrations began.

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After an absence of 57 years, Cuba will once again take part in the Miss Universe competition. The auditions are currently available for registration, and the country is looking for women who were born on the island or who have naturalized there and are between the ages of 18 and 28.

In 57 years, Cubans will finally have a representative in the Miss Universe competition. This will be the first time that will happen. The Venezuelan designer Julio César Cruz, who is the director of Miss Universe Cuba, the organization that is responsible for the revival of the pageant, stated that the queen, who will be selected in Miami, will be “the most high-profile and anticipated woman of this edition.”

Cuban women who have a desire to compete in the Miss Universe pageant have been waiting for what seems like an eternity—57 years. Cuba has not had an easy time of it, as evidenced by the fact that it has drowned in the misery of a collective exilic experience and endured a harsh tyranny. For those who sympathize with Fidel and Che, please take a seat. They were never the heroes, and as is customary, the women were the ones who had to pay the price for the irresponsible conduct of men. And I’m not talking about a simple beauty contest here. In spite of this, it is essential to rejoice over Cuba’s victories because they are not easily obtained.

Thus, the following is the current state of affairs: The Cuban people are looking forward to seeing their country’s representative compete in the forthcoming Miss Universe competition. As reported by the Miami Herald, the selection of the queen will take place in Miami, which is considered to be the most Cuban city in the United States. It is anticipated that Cubanas would emerge as the most prominent female figure in this round. The Venezuelan fashion designer Julio César Cruz, who is also the director of Miss Universe Cuba and the driving force behind the pageant’s resurrection, is the one responsible for starting this revival program.

An announcement was made on April 4 by the newly established franchise that auditions would soon begin in order to choose the twenty contenders who will compete for the championship in Miami in the month of August. In addition to being awarded the title of Miss Universe Cuba, the winner will be selected to represent Cuba at the Miss Universe competition, which is scheduled to take place in Mexico in November. It is essential to emphasize that the candidate who is selected must adhere to the Cuban philosophy, be able to communicate fluently in Spanish, and demonstrate attributes of service-orientedness by participating in a social initiative that aims to address concerns that are prevalent in the community, as César did.

The duty rests on the shoulders of the Cuban lady as she begins to resurrect a custom that dates back to 1952. The Cuban government made the choice in 1960 to stop involvement in the practice, which caused the ritual to be suspended. During her reign, Flora Lauten was the final queen of the island.

There is a stipulation that contestants who wish to represent Cuba must either have been born on the island or have at least one Cuban parent. This criterion is part of an effort to promote cultural authenticity. There is no age restriction for contestants, which is a hint that the competition is welcoming to people of all ages. Our hope is that we will see a few grandmothers out there showing off their skills.

The selection of contestants for the Miss Universe Cuba pageant will involve both online and in-person auditions. The individuals who are selected to compete will receive training in a variety of abilities, including as public speaking and stage performance, in addition to taking part in the development of social initiatives that are intended to assist their respective communities.

César maintains his diplomatic stance and maintains his concentration on the positive influence that the pageant will have, despite the potential controversy that may surround his project. He owes his appointment as director to his significant experience in the beauty pageant industry as well as the backing of Cuban “Beauty Czar” Osmel Sousa, who is a key person inside the organization that is known as Miss Universe.

Young Cuban women, or girls who have one of their parents of that nationality, will have the option to be picked through a virtual casting process to represent the Caribbean nation in the Miss Universe beauty pageant. This possibility will be available to young Cuban women.

The event’s organizers have stated that they are searching for “inspiring, self-confident women with a deep love for their country.” In order to be considered for the position, applicants are need to fill out an online form and upload three photographs through the website for the event.

The assertion made by him Additionally, it states that applicants must be Cuban by birth or naturalized, and that the registration period will expire on May 26. In addition, applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 28.

In the call, it was said that “The Miss Universe Cuba Organization extends an invitation to you to register and become the next ambassador of Cuban beauty on the stage of Miss Universe.”

You will have the opportunity to represent Cuba to the rest of the world and demonstrate your grace, elegance, and talent if you are selected to participate in the prestigious pageant, according to the official announcement. The Venezuelan fashion designer Prince Julius Caesar will be the one to head the Miss Universe Cuba pageant, which will be held in the city of Miami. This will be a momentous occasion as it will represent the return of the Caribbean nation to the beauty pageant after a period of 57 years.

Beginning with the very first Miss Universe pageant in 1952 and continuing until 1960, Cuba was a very active participant in the competition. However, as a result of the restriction imposed by the regime, these delegates were forced to compete under the name Miss Cuba Free when they were living in exile in the city of Miami from 1961 until 1967.

In the year 1967, Elina Salavarría De Mora achieved the distinction of being the lady who represented Cuba for the final time.

According to the news portal Hour!, the 73rd edition of the Miss Universe pageant, which is held to celebrate beauty, grace, and cultural variety on a global scale, will take place in Mexico in the year 2024.

Approximately 120 countries are anticipated to take part in the event, which will be described as “a truly global spectacle that will captivate viewers all over the world,” according to the website.–

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