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Netflix renews “Wednesday 2” with Jenna Ortega.

By b0oua May 8, 2024

As of this past Wednesday, Netflix has made it known that the production of the second season of the series “Wednesday 2” or “Merlina” in Spanish has already begun. The character from “Dedos” was the one in charge of making the announcement.

All of the things that Merlina Addams performs are not done by chance. She is the member of the Addams Family who is the most stern and deliberate, and she rarely makes motions that are not essential, yet she does smile and blink only occasionally.

Therefore, when the spirit of dance possessed the generally gloomy teenager at her school dance in the new Netflix series that takes her name, it generated an immediate sensation, both on and off screen. The series bears her name.

The brief sequence amounts to less than three minutes of the entire series, yet it rapidly became the most memorable moment in “Merlina” due to the fact that our quirky protagonist appears to feel as though he is free. Her eyes express a desire that is both uncommon and horrific. She is able to move her limbs freely, which are generally linked to her side. There is little doubt that her dance is her own: it contains a lot of stiff, awkward gestures as well as dances from decades past. There is no way that anyone could ever confuse Merlina’s dance with the most recent fad on TikTok, isn’t there?

There was something about that peculiar dance that triggered something peculiar within each and every one of us, and it spread like a fire at Camp Chippewa. “Stranger Things,” move over, because the choreographic video spurred viewers to watch the series, which resulted in the series becoming one of the most watched shows on the streaming platform. More than a decade after the song’s first release, Lady Gaga’s “Bloody Mary” made its way back to the charts because to its popularity on the internet. However, the song was only used in TikToks that were created by fans, and not in the show itself! After Jenna Ortega, the star of “Merlina,” admitted that she had choreographed the routine herself, she welcomed new followers, including celebrities, to give it a spin and even incorporate moves from their own cultures into the performance.

If Merlina Addams knew that her dance skills had become popular, she would most likely be horrified. However, her dancing is something that will stand the test of time, and she might even take pleasure in it. The mystical staying power of “Merlina’s” dance can be attributed to this particular aspect.

Despite the fact that the “Merlina” dance scene has only been around for a month, it already has a particular “mythology,” according to Jenna Drenten, an associate professor of marketing at Loyola University Chicago who examines how users of TikTok and other digital platforms communicate their emotions. identities. identities.

The tale of the scenario was told primarily through off-screen events. In her role as an adolescent Merlina, Ortega has stated that she choreographed the routine herself. She maintains her utterly dark sense of humor throughout the performance. She cited Bob Fosse, Siouxsie Sioux, and the gothic dance clubs of the 1980s as some of her influences. It is likely that she also made a few references to the television series “The Addams Family” from the 1960s.

Additionally, Ortega confessed that she is not a trained dancer, which makes her routine possibly even more enticing to individuals who are not dancers and who discovered the routine on TikTok, according to Drenten. In an interview with NME, Ortega stated, “I’m sure that it’s obvious that I’m not a dancer.”

On the other hand, Ortega’s dedication has also sparked criticism. He disclosed to NME that he had videotaped a portion of the dance while he was waiting for the results of his Covid-19 test, which were eventually found to be positive. Even though this caused some people to criticize the production for not adhering to the appropriate precautions for preventing the spread of the Covid-19 virus on set, “Merlina” proceeded to generate a lot of buzz.

According to Drenten, viral trends that remain in the cultural debate for the greatest period of time typically do not remain only on the platform where they originated. Take a look at Corn Kid: As a result of his participation in a YouTube series in which he discussed the benefits of corn, video of his appearance became popular on TikTok. Since then, he has collaborated with Chipotle, Green Giant, and the state of South Dakota to promote corn on various platforms.

He stated that in order for trends on TikTok to have a longer shelf life, they need to make the transition into a cultural trend that extends outside the boundaries of TikTok. “The ‘Merlina’ dance had an advantage in this regard because the dance and legacy of ‘The Addams Family’ originated outside of TikTok from the beginning.”

The human desire to learn a dance for the purpose of social popularity is yet another advantage that the “Merlina” dance possesses. Moves such as the “Electric Slide,” “Macarena,” and “Cupid Shuffle” are frequently performed at weddings and bat mitzvahs. These are dances that many of us are so familiar with that we are able to perform them without thinking about it. According to Drenten, performing it in large numbers at an event like that may appear to be a Pavlovian response to the song selection made by a DJ; nonetheless, it is also a shared ritual that develops “a sense of solidarity and belonging.”

“Every gesture and movement inherently gives the person doing it the opportunity to say, ‘I get it, I’m aware, we have this shared experience,'” As Drenten put it. A significant portion of the reason why dance routines, such as “Renegade” and Lizzo’s “About Damn Time,” frequently take the lead on TikTok is because of this. However, in contrast to other movements, the “Merlina” dance was not performed to a well-known song; however, the punk anthem “Goo Goo Muck” by The Cramps has attracted new followers since its initial release. Drenten stated that the maneuvers were “simple but unique,” and that they were rather straightforward to learn.

However, Lady Gaga was the one who successfully elevated the “Merlina” dance to a whole new level. The version that went viral on TikTok is a form of “fancam,” which is a mix of footage, and it is aptly matched to Lady Gaga’s “Bloody Mary,” which is a biblical homage to dancing without inhibitions. A rendition of the “Merlina” dance was even performed by Mother Monster herself, complete with two long braids.

Since that time, millions of users have given Merlina’s school dance solo its own unique spin. Some users have included Polynesian or Indian dancing techniques into their renditions, while others have created their own unique Merlina looks, such as Fingers (Thing), the hand Without body!

The concept of belonging is, of course, the antithesis of Merlina’s attitude, as she has never been concerned with social conformity. She has found that she is completely pleased living on her own private island, where the sun never shines and there is an abundance of antique torture tools. Except for the fact that her mannerisms and demeanor have been imitated for decades, the fact that Merlina’s peculiar movements have been imitated by such a large number of people could perhaps threaten to damage her standing as the patron saint of unconventional people.

Merlina Addams has been around in some form since the late 1930s. Initially, she was a humorous figure without a name, then she was a young girl in a television sitcom, and finally, before the release of “Merlina,” she was portrayed by Christina Ricci as a character with dead eyes. And, according to Drenten, Merlina’s followers have been dressing like her for decades, frequently drawing inspiration from Ricci’s portrayal. The eldest daughter of the Addams family is no longer a mystery that her most devoted followers can keep hidden from the mainstream of popular culture.

As a result of her unwavering dedication to the macabre, Merlina has become an eccentric figure among loners and goths ever since she made her debut. Emily Alford noted for Longreads that despite this, she continues to be considered “exceptional” among women and girls in literature. This is due to the fact that she has never catered to or changed her perspective on certain tale cliches. Her identity is unchanging, and she is not going to change.–gerek-kullanici–fiyat-turkey-358623721

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