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It is not possible for King Juan Carlos to relocate to Geneva.

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There is a significant reason why the emeritus will continue to visit to the capital of Switzerland, and it is not because of Infanta Cristina. The emeritus will continue to maintain his residence in Abu Dhabi.

Juan Carlos, King of Spain, is constantly traveling between Abu Dhabi, Switzerland, and Spain. His life is a perpetual journey. Even though he currently resides in the United Arab Emirates, the former monarch has not stopped traveling throughout the course of the past year, and he anticipates that his travel habits will remain the same in 2024. It has already been reported that he was spotted in Vitoria and also in Galicia during the month of March, and he has more than five excursions scheduled for the months to come.

In spite of the turmoil that has surrounded him, the former head of state is today in a condition of full peace of mind, as he is able to relocate to Spain whenever he desires. However, because of the vast distance that separates Abu Dhabi and his home country, Juan Carlos, who is 86 years old, must exert himself physically in order to complete these transfers.

La Garganta, the Ciudad Real estate that conquers royalty: the hideaway of Queen Camilla, the fetish nook of Prince William, and the origin of the romance between Juan Carlos and Corinna are all things that you could be interested in.

Geneva, a site that the emeritus travels to whenever he has the opportunity to do so and to which he has a close emotional connection, is one of the places that serves as one of his preferred destinations. Not only does the Swiss city serve as the location of residence for his daughter, Infanta Cristina, but it is also one of the towns in which Juan Carlos spent a significant portion of his boyhood. He attended the Freiburg boarding school for a number of years throughout his formative years.

It is true that there are speculations circulating about the potential that the emeritus could have relocated permanently to Switzerland; nevertheless, these assumptions are not even close to being true. Even though it is true, the former monarch is reportedly planning to live between Abu Dhabi and Geneva in order to cut down on the number of kilometers he travels. This information comes from the magazine ¡Hola!

There is a possibility that you might be interested in: King Juan Carlos and Infanta Elena take a vacation to Sanxenxo, where they enjoy regattas and seafood platters with their friends.

The fact that Felipe VI’s father is currently connected to Switzerland for reasons that are related to his health is one of the significant reasons. A well-known physician is providing mobility treatment to the former head of state, who is currently receiving care at the Hôpital de La Tour. While he is there, he is training his left leg in an effort to increase the speed of his steps when he is walking.

On April 20th, he will make his way back to Spain.
During his most recent trip to Spain, Juan Carlos was observed participating in the regatta competitions, which he is a huge admirer of taking part in. On the occasion of the opening stage of the 6 Meter League, a competition in which he has participated on multiple times, he set sail on his boat, El Bribón. He has participated in this competition on multiple occasions.

In the company of his daughter, Infanta Elena, and his guests on the Galician coast, the emeritus king was able to indulge in one of his most cherished pastimes. His hosts were his close friend Pedro Campos and his wife Cristina Franze. The boat journey, on the other hand, was cut short since the weather conditions prevented them from continuing further that point.

On the other hand, the emeritus king has not left Spain with a sour taste in his mouth as a result of this. It is scheduled that Juan Carlos will make his way back to Galician soil on April 20 in order to take part in the subsequent stages of the European championship that was indicated earlier. The father of Felipe VI has the intention of sailing the seas of Sanxenxo aboard El Bribón once more, with the goal of achieving first place in the aforementioned sporting tournament for the fourth time.–65fbd1c946b31#goto5470

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