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China remains the most significant danger that the United States faces.

By b0oua Mar 21, 2024

When it comes to long-term dangers to the security of the United States of America, senior authorities in the United States believe Russia’s war in Ukraine to be a national risk to the United States itself; nevertheless, they estimate that this risk is not as significant as China’s threat.

As part of his testimony at a hearing held by the House Armed Services Committee on Wednesday regarding the problems that are faced by the region of the Indo-Pacific, Ely Ratner, who is the assistant secretary for Indo-Pacific security affairs at the Department of Defense, issued the warning.

A transcript of Mr. Ratner’s speech that was acquired by VOA reads as follows: “The People’s Republic of China continues to present the most comprehensive and serious challenge to our national security,” Mr. Ratner will tell legislators.

“The People’s Republic of China remains the only country with the will and ever-increasing capabilities to dominate the Indo-Pacific region by displacing the United States ,” warns Mr. Ratner, adding, “The DPRK is pursuing its goals with activities increasingly tightening in the Taiwan Strait, the South and East China Seas, along the Line of Actual Control with India and beyond.”

Mr. Ratner has already discussed the growing danger posed by Beijing, so this is not the first time he has done so.

During the month of October, he expressed his disapproval of China’s military for what he referred to as a “sharp increase” in dangerous actions in the East and South China seas.

Additionally, Assistant Secretary Ratner of the Department of Defense issued a warning that the leaders of China were “increasingly using the PLA [People’s Liberation Army] as an instrument of austerity.”

Beijing is constructing the infrastructure that is required for a further growth of its nuclear weapons, according to the annual report on China’s Military Power published by the Pentagon. This research states that China’s nuclear arsenal has grown quicker than that which was anticipated.

In response to these allegations, China has stated that the United States is misrepresenting the severity of the threat.

Lloyd Austin, the Secretary of Defense, issued a warning of his own on Tuesday, underlining the danger that is posed by Russia’s aggression in Ukraine.

“The United States stands by Ukraine because it is the right thing to do,” Secretary Austin stated during a meeting of the Ukraine Defense Contact Group that took place in Ramstein, Germany. A meeting was held in Germany. “But we also stand by Ukraine because it is crucial to our security.”

“The United States would face serious new dangers in a world where aggression and autocracy are on the march and where tyrants are encouraged and where dictators think they can wipe democracy off the map ,” he continued in his remarks.

Officials from the United States Intelligence Community recently came to the conclusion that the risks posed by Russia and China are intertwined, and that Russia’s war has worked to bolster the confidence of China’s leadership.

In an interview with parliamentarians earlier this month, the Director of National Intelligence, Avril Haines, stated that Beijing had been successful in obtaining concessions from Moscow that it has been seeking for a long time in exchange for support for Russia’s war in Ukraine.

As stated by William Burns, Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, the success of Russia in Ukraine has the potential to “rekindle the Chinese leadership’s ambitions in contingencies ranging from Taiwan to the South China Sea.”

On Wednesday, the Assistant Secretary of Defense, Ely Ratner, will provide a briefing to the United States Congress regarding the actions taken by the Department of Defense to enhance critical partnerships in the Indo-Pacific area and to establish what he refers to as a “regional force” that includes Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, and Australia.

Furthermore, it will demonstrate that the planned budget for the year 2025 developed by the Pentagon places a high priority on investments in air, sea, and submarine power, as well as the modernization of the United States’ nuclear weapons, with an eye toward Beijing’s own attempts to modernize its military.

It was stated in a report on cybersecurity for the year 2023 that was released by a Chinese company on Thursday that advanced persistent threat (APT) activities throughout the world continue to be at a severe level. APT organizations are generally dispersed among countries and regions such as the United States of America and India, with the United States continuing to be the single most significant danger to cybersecurity on a worldwide scale.

The distribution and activities of worldwide advanced persistent threats (APT) organizations and activities in 2023 were outlined in the research that was published by Antiy Labs, which is one of the most prominent cybersecurity companies in China. It is the United States of America that dominates the 556 advanced persistent threats (APT) organizations around the world, as well as the highest level of attacks, which are referred to as A2PT attacks. India and Taiwan island are also home to advanced persistent threats (APT) organizations that represent a concern to China and the countries that are located nearby.

According to Li Bosong, vice director of the Antiy security committee, who spoke with the Global Times, the United States not only launches assaults against essential information infrastructure and important information systems in other countries, but it also invades the personal communication devices of influential people.

As an illustration, the United States of America has attack modes that are based on services such as iMessage and FaceTime. These attack modes are used to invade the Apple phones of key personnel in other nations. Additionally, it involves the utilization of “quantum systems” in order to introduce transient assault traffic whenever consumers visit website content or utilize app network services on their mobile devices.

In addition, the study demonstrates that the United States of America provides direction on how to empower assaults against China and shares the stolen data intelligence with other members of the Five Eyes, which is an intelligence alliance consisting of the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. Additionally, the United States has been consistently improving both its assault capabilities and its strategies.

A further point to consider is that the United States has, for a considerable amount of time, allowed the unchecked spread of commercial military capabilities like the Cobalt Strike attack platform. According to the research, this platform has been utilized by a number of global advanced persistent threats (APT) attack organizations, including Lotus Blossom and X Elephant, in their attacks against China, which poses a significant risk to China’s national security.

Li stated to the Global Times that additional information regarding the attack activities carried out by A2PT organizations has been made public between the years 2023 and the month of 2024. As an illustration, the United States intelligence agencies offered bribes to Dutch engineers in order to convince them to implant the Stuxnet virus in Iran during the process of installing and maintaining industrial systems. According to Li, “When the United States of America aims at high-value protected targets in other countries with physical isolation measures, they frequently use manpower, electromagnetic means, and other methods to assist in network attacks.”

According to the Antiy research, targeted ransomware assaults became more diverse in 2023, with a rising frequency of attacks on the aerospace industry. This was one of the findings of the report.

The aerospace sector in China is undergoing tremendous development, particularly in the fields of civilian drones and civilian space exploration. Li issued a warning that, in light of this, relevant departments and organizations need to improve prevention measures in order to properly safeguard the security of technology assets, business assets, and data assets.–cjrls11hyht0j7p–65fbc7f2ef1d3#goto5467


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