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He stops to rescue a missing child running barefoot on the street while driving the bus.

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A toddler who was running barefoot and disoriented on one of Milwaukee’s busiest streets was saved by a bus driver in Milwaukee County, United States of America. There was a bus driver involved in the rescue. It was during a typical work shift that he was driving public transportation that he witnessed the incident unfold before his very eyes: he stopped the bus and saved it.

“Seeing that child in the middle of that road, knowing how busy and dangerous it is, sent a shiver down my spine and scared me,” bus driver Keyon Finkley said as he described the terrible scene that unfolded before his eyes during a normal work shift driving public transportation in Milwaukee, which is located in the state of Wisconsin, in the United States of America. In the center of the road, between the automobiles, the man spotted a young youngster strolling and running around in a disoriented manner. The child was barefoot and wearing just his underwear or a pajama t-shirt to conceal his body. The driver of the bus instantly came to a stop in order to save him.

Within the middle of the road, a child who was not wearing shoes was roaming around in a state of uncertainty, constantly moving between the pavement and the car. Immediately, the driver pulled over and shouted out to the child, who was being pursued by the driver. Eventually, the driver was able to get the child to safety once they were on the bus. During the time that he was waiting for the authorities to arrive, the man did his best to take care of the boy by ensuring that he remained seated.

He told the local media that he had converted to a mode that he is most familiar with, which is that of a parent. The man is a father of four children. I did not give it a second thought before assuming the role of a father and safeguarding that boy as if he were my own child, as well as making sure that he was okay. “Everything else, I didn’t care,” Finkley said, adding, “Even now, as I talk about the story, I get a little emotional because it’s a scary situation that could have turned into something bad.” Finkley did not care about anything else.

“For me, it was just about making sure he was safe; that was all I was worried about that day, that was all I was thinking about,” Finkley explained to reporters. A short while after Finkley discovered the young boy, he was eventually handed back to his family. The Milwaukee County Transit System reports that the young kid is the fourteenth child who has been reported missing and has been located by a bus driver for the MCTS in the past several years.

While driving on a busy road in Milwaukee, a bus driver went into “Daddy mode” and rescued a young child who was seen getting dangerously close to other vehicles.

During the month of February, Keyon Finkley was walking down Capitol Drive when he witnessed a child sprinting into the street while wearing pajamas underneath his feet. The toddler was hurriedly loaded onto the bus after he pulled up in a hurry.

After that, Finkley remained with the youngster and provided him with a blanket as they waited for the police to arrive, according to the Milwaukee County Transit System.

In an interview with TMJ4 Milwaukee, Finkley stated, “I became terrified and immediately went into Daddy mode.” “I would want someone to be there for my son, so I had to be there for that boy and treat him like he was my son and protect him,” he added. “I would want someone to be there for my little boy.”

This was the fourteenth child who had been lost or missing that had been located by drivers for the Milwaukee County Transit System in the past few years, according to the system. According to Storyful, credit goes to the Milwaukee County Transit System.

“Hey,” said Keyon Finkley. Please make your way here, please come here, please come here. Hold on a second. Hello, hello, hello! Remain in that position. Do not move at all. With no clothing on while riding a bus. Within the middle of the street was where he was. You are correct, ma’am. It is 10-4. Make your way here. Make your way here. No, I am not sure. Here we are. I’m going to let him sit right here, is that okay? It’s not even clear to me. What’s up? It’s true. Not a problem. You can be found right here. He does not have any clothing on. There are no pants.

Capitol Drive is often considered to be among the most hazardous streets. As someone who lives on Capitol Drive, I am well aware of how difficult it can be,” Finkley remarked.

According to Finkley, he was in the middle of his route when he came upon something that he couldn’t bring himself to believe.

According to Finkley, “They train us to look two or three blocks ahead, and they make us capable of knowing everything that is around us.” To tell you the truth, I noticed the young child who was beginning to emerge from behind me and begin sprinting in the direction of the traffic.

The young youngster can be seen wandering along the road without shoes on, as captured by surveillance camera.

In a matter of seconds, Finkley made a sudden stop in the bike lane and retrieved the young child from the path of the oncoming traffic. This prevented the child from reaching the crossing.

The statement was made by Finkley, who stated, “I became frightened, and in that moment, I need to get there and angle my bus and get him on my bus so that I can keep him safe.”

Finkley stated that he couldn’t help but think about his own four children after he had finished setting the boy in his seat while they waited for the cops.

Finkley stated, “That could be my son, and if he were to get out of the house in any way, I would want somebody to be there for him.” Therefore, it was necessary for me to be present for that young kid, to treat him as if he were my own son at that time, and to protect him to the best of my ability until the police arrived.–65fe75a14b6c9#goto5540

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