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Failed impeachment of House Speaker

By b0oua May 9, 2024

Marjorie Taylor Greene, an elected official from the American extreme right, was unsuccessful in her attempt to oust Mike Johnson, the Republican President of the House of Representatives, whom she accused of supporting aid to Ukraine. Greene’s attempt to dismiss Johnson was unsuccessful on Wednesday.

This congress official, who is a member of her party and whom she accuses of “treason,” was the target of the parliamentarian’s vehement desire to remove him from office. She is quite close to Donald Trump.

She accused Mike Johnson of funding “forever wars” while she was delivering a speech to Congress, and she was met with a significant amount of jeering from the audience.

This impeachment motion, however, was promptly defeated, with the majority of Democrats and Republicans opting to maintain this leader in office throughout the entire process.

In a statement, Mike Johnson stated, “I want to say that I appreciate the vote of confidence from my colleagues to defeat this misguided initiative.” Johnson was referring to the initiative that was being opposed.

In the immediate aftermath of the election, Donald Trump responded to him on his network.

It was written by him that “I love Marjorie Taylor Greene […] but we are not currently in a position to vote for an impeachment motion.” This was due to the fact that the Republican majority in the House was extremely slim.

The support for Kiev has been the topic of very intense arguments in the United States Congress, with many Republicans pushing for restrictions on the flow of any additional cash to the country, which is currently engaged in a conflict with Russia.

Mike Johnson, the leader of the Republican Party, eventually gave his approval to the package after months of delaying it and under pressure from Democrats and supporters from across the world. This decision has earned him the ire of those on the extreme right.

At any time, a resolution to impeach the president of the House of Representatives can be submitted by any elected member of the House.

This story had a sense of familiarity to it.

In a situation that was very similar to the one that led to the impeachment of former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, which occurred only a few months ago, McCarthy was accused by a tiny group of Trumpists of having reached a “secret deal” with the Democrats on Ukraine while budget negotiations were also taking place.

By b0oua

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