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Daniels describes her sexual contact with Trump.

By b0oua May 10, 2024

The main witness in Donald Trump’s New York trial, former porn star Stormy Daniels, provided candid testimony on Tuesday regarding the alleged 2006 sexual encounter she had with the outgoing US president. This encounter is the core theme of the case.

Her testimony was especially anticipated given that Donald Trump—who disputes having had a sexual relationship with her—is facing charges related to hiding the fact that he paid the actress $130,000 to buy her silence toward the close of the 2016 presidential campaign.

There was tension during the hearing. On the basis that the prosecutors’ questioning were inappropriate and the responses were “extremely damaging” for the Republican candidate running against the incumbent in the presidential election in November, the defense unsuccessfully asked for a mistrial of the entire trial. Joe Biden, a Democrat.

Following the hearing, Donald Trump gave reporters the assurance that “the case is collapsing” and that it was “an important day, very revealing.” However, he refrained from commenting on Stormy Daniels following the judge’s threat to put him in jail if he assaulted witnesses once again.

The 45-year-old actress, who was talkative but nervous, described in great detail what happened that day when she met Donald Trump, who was well-known in the business world and among the jet set, on the golf competition’s sidelines.

In front of engrossed jurors, she testified that during “a very brief encounter,” a security official “said to me, ‘Mr. Trump would like to know if you would like to have dinner with him.” The person in question didn’t say anything.

“I was ashamed

Stormy Daniels, real name Stephanie Clifford, is pictured in a black pant suit, describing a hotel suite “that was three times the size of (her) apartment.” She was greeted by Donald Trump there “clad in satin or silk pajamas.”

In a lighthearted conversation, she claims the billionaire has promised to have him on his hit reality TV program, The Apprentice. Then there was this particular instance, she claims, when she found Donald Trump naked on the bed after leaving the restroom.

“My hands and feet felt like they were losing blood—like when you stand up too soon.” She reassures that the businessman’s aim “was quite clear” and that the “balance of power was unbalanced,” if she did not feel frightened.

“I ultimately had sex with him,” she continues, adding that she didn’t use a condom at the prosecutor’s insistence. She confesses, “I felt guilty for not stopping it, for not saying no.”

While Donald Trump’s defense requested that the sexual relationship not be brought up, Judge Juan Merchan appeared irritated by some of the prosecutor’s queries.

“Money didn’t interest me.”

Stormy Daniels claims she briefly encountered Donald Trump before cutting ties.

His agent instructed him to monetize his testimony when the billionaire launched his presidential campaign, he claims. Twice earlier, an American tabloid with a close relationship to Donald Trump had paid to purchase the exclusive rights to unpublished stories that were identical.

She reassures, “The money didn’t interest me,” recalling that she was intimidated to keep quiet in a Las Vegas parking lot in 2011.

Michael Cohen, the billionaire’s former attorney, gave Stormy Daniels the $130,000 through a front company. In 2017, the Trump Organization, the corporate group owned by Donald Trump, paid him back for the “legal fees” that are the subject of the litigation.

The Republican contender faces charges of 34 counts of falsifying accounting records, which may result in a prison sentence and the first criminal conviction of a former US president.

In three further criminal prosecutions, Donald Trump is being prosecuted. A federal judge in Florida on Tuesday postponed indefinitely the start of the trial in one of them, where he is accused of using secret documents carelessly. The trial was originally set to begin on May 20.

“At the forefront
Stormy Daniels also described the “chaos” that ensued in her life in New York on Tuesday, following the Wall Street Journal’s January 2018 disclosure of the payment in the midst of the Trump administration.

She clarifies, “Suddenly, I was at the forefront everywhere,” where she was called a liar by the president and his allies.

Susan Necheles, the attorney representing Donald Trump, attempted to paint Stormy Daniels as a venal figure during her cross-examination by bringing up the fact that she had lost a defamation lawsuit against the former president and that she was still owed hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees.

When the attorney questioned the actress if she detested Donald Trump, she replied in the affirmative. If he is found guilty, she says she wants him to serve time in prison.

When the attorney stated that she had attempted to blackmail the former president, the tone became even more heated. “Untrue,” Stormy Daniels firmly retorted.–663def762f57e#goto6779!-guatemala-by-la-luna-crema

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