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At the Trump trial, his ex-lawyer and sworn nemesis admits to lying for him.

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During the trial of Donald Trump, which took place on Monday, Michael Cohen, the former attorney for the president, made allegations that he had lied and intimidated on behalf of the former president of the United States. The trial, which has been going on since the middle of April at a court in New York, has now entered a final phase, which is causing his campaign to be disrupted because he has been required to attend sessions in silence practically every day.

He was the loyal lieutenant, but he vowed his loss: Michael Cohen, the former attorney for Donald Trump, claimed on Monday that he had lied and threatened on behalf of the former President of the United States, during a face-to-face confrontation that was tense at the trial for undisclosed payments to a porn star. This testimony, which started at approximately 9:30 in the morning, comes after the nasty account that pornographic film star Stormy Daniels gave last week about a sexual encounter that she had with Donald Trump in 2006. Trump has denied having such a relationship. Another key point in this historic trial with high political consequences is at 1:30 p.m. GMT, which is the designated time.

President Donald Trump’s “pitbull

The candidate for the Republican nomination for president, who is 77 years old, runs the prospect of becoming the first former president in the history of the United States to be convicted of a criminal offense. The trial, which has been going on since the middle of April at a court in New York, has now entered a final phase, which is causing his campaign to be disrupted because he has been required to attend sessions in silence practically every day. Upon being called to the stand, Michael Cohen, who is 57 years old and appears to be getting anxious, is questioned by a prosecution to determine whether or not he has ever “lied” or “intimidated” individuals. The witness said “yes” on two separate occasions. A statement made under oath by the former attorney stated, “This is what had to be done in order to accomplish the tasks.” In the moment before he sagged back in his chair, Donald Trump maintained his silence.

Michael Cohen, who was known as Donald Trump’s “pitbull” at the time, paid the actress $130,000 to buy her silence about the sexual relationship. This occurred at the conclusion of the presidential campaign in 2016. According to the prosecution, when Michael Cohen was reimbursed in 2017 by the then-president of the United States, these expenses were disguised as “legal expenses” in the accounts of the Trump Organization holding company. This was done in order to conceal the fact that some of the money had been used. in order to conceal a scandal. The prosecution of Donald Trump is currently underway for a total of 34 accounting falsification violations, each of which has the potential to result in a prison sentence for the defendant.

The tenacious animosity

Michael Cohen initially asserted that he had paid Stormy Daniels on his own initiative, without alerting his boss, when the affair was first brought to light by the Wall Street Journal in the year 2018. The man who had earlier taken great satisfaction in the fact that he was willing “to take a bullet for Donald Trump” has now turned against the latter, saying that he was acting in accordance with his orders after being caught by the law. During the year 2018, Michael Cohen entered a guilty plea to the charges of tax evasion, making false statements to the United States Congress, and breaching campaign finance rules. The last infraction was directly connected to the payment that was made to Stormy Daniels. He was given a sentence of three years in prison, and he was incarcerated for approximately one year.

In light of the fact that Michael Cohen and Donald Trump now harbor a deep-seated animosity toward one another, his testimony is sure to generate a lot of excitement. On Friday, attorneys for Donald Trump once again voiced their disapproval of films that were uploaded to TikTok and included Michael Cohen wearing a t-shirt depicting the former president standing in jail. In light of the fact that Donald Trump is not permitted to speak about witnesses or jurors under any circumstances, Judge Juan Merchan requested that the witness refrain from making such comments.

A very funny joke

The former attorney is anticipated to be subjected to a barrage of questions from the defense after he has been questioned by the prosecution. The defense has depicted him as a pathological liar, which is an opinion that is held by fans of Donald Trump. In the course of a meeting with the former president that took place on Saturday close to New York, Lisa Lombardo, who is 61 years old, stated, “Cohen, it’s a big joke… He has no credibility.” Since the beginning of the arguments, the jurors have been subjected to an unfavorable portrayal of Michael Cohen, who is capable of manipulating or coercing his interlocutors in order to achieve his goals. This portrayal has been presented by a number of witnesses.

An audio recording of a private call between Michael Cohen and Donald Trump was also made available to them. In this conversation, Cohen discusses a payment with Trump in order to secure the silence of another woman, the model Karen McDougal, who also claimed to have had a connection with the tycoon.–66431132c5ba0#goto6857त-ल-घट-उन-र-स-व-स-थ-यक-ल-ग-आश-जनक-सह-यत-nepal.html—-nepal-947824496त-ल-घट-उन-र-स-व-स-थ-यक-ल-ग-आश-जनक-सह-यत-nepal.html


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