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Why ‘The Boys’ fourth season is worth watching

By b0oua Jun 22, 2024

In just four days, The Boys has become the most watched show on Prime Video, but not everyone is pleased with this development.

As a result of the changes that have occurred in the manner in which we consume series, we now require items that are shorter in length and that enable us to become hooked at any given moment. Rare is the current series that continues beyond three seasons. This could be due to the fact that the successes do not persist over time, as was the case a few years ago, or it could be because the platforms prefer to launch fresh goods that allow new viewers to be hooked from the very beginning.

To put it another way, if a series gradually loses viewers, which is a perfectly natural process that makes it impossible to keep all of its viewers for multiple years of broadcasting, then by the time the series enters its fourth season, it is extremely difficult for new regulars to join the series. mostly due to the fact that you need to catch up on three years that have passed, and who has the time for that?

In spite of this, we are here to break a spear in favor of long series in general, and of this particular one in particular: it is well worth the effort to watch ‘The Boys’ in its entirety because this is the time when it is at its most enjoyable. Sharper, more caustic and corrosive than ever before, and with characters that have reached a level of depth that was not anticipated in the first season and beyond. In light of the fact that Prime Video has revealed that the series would conclude in its fifth year, it should come as no surprise. Simply put, at the very top.

The new season of ‘The Boys’ picks up exactly where the third season left off, which is quite disappointing given that it has been two years since the premiere of the third season (which took place in June of 2022). Fans who have short memory may find the beginning of the fourth season to be a little unsettling because of the intricate plots that were currently in progress. Many details have been lost as a result of this.

In this introduction, we are reminded that The Seven are in a precarious situation as a result of Luz Estelar’s abandonment, while Patriota is going through a significant personal crisis. Although he has been reunited with his kid, Patriota is coming to terms with the fact that he has been surrounded by people throughout his entire existence. who is afraid of him but does not actually love him. During this time, Victoria Neuman is getting closer and closer to becoming the president of the country, and Billy Butcher and The Boys are coming up with new tactics to confront superheroes. However, this comes at the expense of Butcher’s own health, as can be seen in the previous sentence.

On the other hand, there are some past subplots that have been resolved. For example, the supremacist superheroine Stormfront or Soldier Boy will no longer appear, at least for the time being. This makes it simpler to return to the satirical exploits of ‘The Boys’. As a matter of fact, Amazon has said that the audience of the series has increased by 24% with this new season in its first four days of broadcasting. The popularity of ” Generation V,” the spin-off of the series that was released in 2023, can be a strong explanation to explain why interest in the series has not diminished.

Despite the fact that ‘The Boys’ obviously had a very acidic satirical component from the very first episode, the show was closer to the comic in its earliest stages. It was a prank that utilized superheroes as an excuse to attack the traditions of the genre with humor, and the more disgusting and insulting it was, the better. On the other hand, its showrunner, Eric Kripke (of “Supernatural”), quickly realized that the existence of Patriot, who was obviously inspired by Superman (The Seven is a blatant parody, with very precise references, of The Justice League), gave rise to one more comment. the situation is resolved today.

Patriot becomes a definite suspect of Donald Trump beginning with the third season, not so much because of his political career as it is because of the perception he has of him. This is despite the fact that the destructive vision of the Voigt corporation in the previous few seasons already pointed in that direction. The society of North America! A very keen vision that we already evaluated at the time and that has only increased in the fourth season, which has created some controversy, since many fans from the most conservative spectrum had not understood that the series was poking fun, precisely , from them.

No wonder: Trump’s political followers, conspiracy theorists, and spokespersons for the extreme right like Joe Rogan all have their corresponding portraits in the series. This has resulted in a review bombing, which has led to the series having a rating of fifty percent on Rotten Tomatoes, which is significantly lower than past seasons. The focus of the series has always been on what happens when those who have power exercise it with impunity (the famous “Who watches the watchmen?” from another comic of superheroes, which is notorious for how its fans have misinterpreted it). This is something that we must not forget, even in the less politically explicit moments of the series. A lot of people have been unaware of it up until this point, which is a peculiar fact.

‘The Boys’ is, without a question, a series that is capable of being critiqued; nevertheless, this is not on account of the fact that it has not presented its cards on the table from the very beginning. mostly due to the fact that Eric Kripke himself stated that “the series is many things.” There is no such thing as being subtle. In other words, everything was available to view from the very beginning. Despite the fact that it is obvious that if we are discussing the conspiracy theorists of qAnon, it is not the case that we are discussing the most knowledgeable individuals in the realm of the investigation.–6676ae21bf2f0#goto8458

By b0oua

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