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“We have all been kidnapped and held at gunpoint” : he said.

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They had to fight at the consulates because they were unable to leave the country, and their beginnings were difficult. They had to leave the country to go on tours abroad. As a result of his song being released by an indie record label fifteen years later, it has become a global phenomenon. During Rawayana’s show in Madrid, laSexta has a conversation with him.

The four members of Rawayana are friends from their high school days who began composing music as if they were doing it amongst themselves. They have since become the creators of hits that have dominated Latin America and the rest of the world. Through the usage of rhythms that combine elements of rock, soul, reggae, soul, r&b, and Caribbean rhythms, artists such as Alberto “Beto” Montenegro, Antonio “Tony” Casas, Andrés “Fofo” Story

And Alejandro “Abeja” Abeijón have been able to conquer worldwide audiences. Their music is a cocktail shaker, where everything comes together, and the outcome is a Caribbean eclecticism that you want to drink. They reject labels, although we may describe their music as a cocktail shaker.

Just a few minutes before their performance at the Wizink Center, we had a conversation with Beto, who is both their vocalist and composer. Additionally, he admits to us that they are really excited about it. Two years ago, he was present at the stadium to witness Bon Iver perform, and he is looking forward to bringing joy to his supporters in the same setting on this occasion.

When we travel through the corridors that lead to the dressing rooms, they meet us as we walk through the hallways where images of musicians who have made history with their music hang. We also greet them when they leave their signature and mark along with a thousand other postcards on the “walk of fame” that runs through the hallways.

To answer your question, “The political and social climate was extremely chaotic at the time.” The constant marches prevented us from even attending university since there were so many of them. The policies of Chavez were strongly opposed by us. Therefore, our music evolved into a symbol of this safe haven for us to retreat to.

Precisely so The band was the first thing that sprang to mind when we were looking for the name because it is located on an island in the Caribbean. It was almost as if we were isolating ourselves from the circumstances that we had been through, which was a true nightmare. Despite the fact that we started to gain popularity as a band in 2010, when we released our debut album, many musicians began to take notice of us. We were invited to play with the leaders of the group.

P. What kind of effects does this political and social environment have on a group that is just starting out?

” We were vehemently opposed to Chavez,” R. said. During this time, we were expanding, and as a result, we accompanied millions of people who were leaving the country and who were already familiar with us. The migration that we represent is likely the most significant one in Latin America. We were all confronted with the same challenges regarding the migratory aspect and identity. Therefore, we become the instrumental accompaniment to that migration, and this is how they communicate it to us. Although it is impossible to express in a brief conversation, it was a nightmare in every sense of the word.

Which challenges did you have to surmount in order to succeed?

As a result of Venezuela’s power outage, we were unable to attend a Vive Latino event. Venezuela is a tremendous source of crude oil for gasoline. It was impossible for us to travel because there was no method to transfer the equipment. At that time, which coincided with our first major tour, the government had virtually eliminated the ability of obtaining passports for everyone.

And we were required to go through a variety of embassies and consulates in order to be able to serve our customers in other countries. In addition, the government launched a campaign against us in order to tarnish our reputation, which was a very significant attack conducted via the media.

Specifically, by the government of Chavez?

“Yes, by a state agency,” I responded. They used our identities as a form of blackmail, and now I am speaking to you in this manner because so much time has passed, but it was a really unpleasant experience. It is necessary for you to believe that every single one of us in the gang has been kidnapped, that they have provided us with weapons, and that they have stolen

Our collaborators, including the police officers themselves, have been removed from the situation. Many people left Venezuela as a result of all of these factors. In this scenario, you were in the process of making plans for the tour when all of a sudden, you were aware that the airline was no longer operating. That was a very difficult situation for us because we lost all of the logistics of the tour here.

You have lately launched another conflict with the party that is currently in power because Maduro used the chords of one of your songs without obtaining permission to do so.

R. “Now there is a different reality that, to tell you the truth, I find it pretty difficult to comprehend.” I believe that the children of people in power have been able to modify their perception of us as a result of listening to us, being familiar with the band, and experiencing a positive reaction to it. In the same way as Venezuela is located outside of someone’s farm, injustices are occurring. Due to the fact that they exploited our music without obtaining any authorization, our team was forced to lodge a complaint about it. I believe that they were slightly interested in gaining our attention, but they were unsuccessful in doing so since we are not engaged in these debates.

.. In what ways has Spain served as a source of inspiration for you, and what specifically is it about Spain in Rawayana?

I was able to stay in Madrid for the first time and spend a few days there, experiencing the night and going out, and that is exactly when I composed the last record. As an illustration, the subject matter of the song “911” was influenced by events that took place in the nation’s capital.

Are there any Spanish artists with whom you would be interested in working together?

R. ” I have a positive impression of C. Tangana, and I have a strong sense of identification with him from a creative standpoint. Furthermore, Sen Senra, Marc Seguí, Bad Gyal, and Rosalía, who shared a nomination with her at the Latin Grammys, were also involved in the transformation of her career, even if she had not yet achieved success. She had a stellar reputation. When it comes to the classics, I would really adore the opportunity to perform a duet with Raphael.

During the year 2007, it appeared to you that you were present at this same moment, filling a Wizink Center while also being on a tour throughout the world.

R. “The reality is that yes, we do have very lofty goals.” Take, for example, the proverb that advises people to “be careful what you wish for because you are going to get it.” Imagining large tours and stadiums is what we do. There are a lot of people working behind the scenes to make this goal come true, but this is just the beginning. It is good when you surprise yourself by reaping what you set out to do. Tonight is going to be a fun night for all of us.

As soon as it is uttered, it is done. They had a good time and were able to make a really devoted audience happy. The fact that they are the soundtrack of the diaspora that was forced to migrate was demonstrated by them. In the course of the performance, which lasted for two hours, they acted as if they were stage animals and hosted a wonderful party.

They gave a live performance of the sounds that traverse the Latin American continent like a spine, including elements of salsa, reggae, and even rumba. We were able to travel over the ocean to that country, which many of those who were present had to leave behind, thanks to their songs, which served as a bridge that helped to reduce the gaps between us. His musical compositions, which have been transformed into a passport and flag that his fellow countrymen proudly display.–nedir-mteri-yorumlar-fiyat-trkiye-290989893

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