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US presidential election: first Biden-Trump debate: what to expect?

By b0oua Jun 28, 2024

CNN will host the first presidential debate on Thursday night. A scheduled meeting for Joe Biden and Donald Trump to defend their records and outline their programs. What will be key issues?

Anything is conceivable at this point in the season. After months of hostility, Joe Biden and Donald Trump, neck and neck in the polls, meet on Thursday, June 27, for the first presidential debate. Hotly awaited meeting.

Millions of Americans will watch this high-tension matchup between the Democratic president and his Republican predecessor.

Atlanta, Georgia, one of the most competitive states in the election, will host the debate at 9 p.m. (1 a.m. GMT Friday).

Jake Tapper and Dana Bash of CNN will oversee their 90-minute fight.

To avoid the chaos of the first 2020 debate, where Joe Biden and Donald Trump insulted and interrupted each other for an hour and a half, the channel set rules: no public and no teleprompter. Most importantly, when Trump talks, Joe Biden’s microphone is switched off, and vice versa.

Since the first broadcast face-to-face meeting between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon in Chicago more than 60 years ago, these meetings have been centerpieces of the electoral campaign, despite their limited impact.

Quinnipiac University (Connecticut) found that most Americans will watch the debate on Thursday night. Some 16% believe the show might sway their vote.

Expect age-based attacks on Biden.

Since the November election is unclear, Thursday’s debate will be phenomenal.

For the first time, Americans must choose between the 81-year-old Democratic president, who is showing signs of tiredness, and his Republican opponent, four years his junior.

If re-elected in November, Joe Biden, the oldest incumbent president, will be 86. Agnès Trouillet, lecturer in American civilization at the University of Nanterre, says Trump again attacked Biden on his cognitive faculties, even suggesting he take a test to measure them. He forgot the name of the doctor who gave him these tests when he was in office.

“Biden has made numerous mistakes and gotten himself into a mess in his first term, therefore he must show his power and ability. The expert says viewers and listeners, especially the unsure, would wait for that.

According to an early June study, only 35% of Americans think Joe Biden has the physical and cognitive abilities to be president, compared to 50% for Donald Trump.

The Republican, who never admitted defeat in 2020 and did not commit to respecting the November polls, will surely criticize his opponent’s physical and mental health.

The former president implied his opponent would be “doped” before coming on TV.

However, the septuagenarian’s supporters recognize that this smear tactic could backfire because even an ordinary performance by the president on Thursday could be a success.

“The important thing is not so much age, but vitality,” writes journalist Dominique Simonnet, who is concerned about Joe Biden’s second term. “The issue isn’t only whether they can have the two-hour debate. It is a historic encounter and argument, and each sentence can tilt the scale “He cites the 1984 debate between Ronald Reagan (73 years old) and Walter Mondale (56 years old).

Reagan wisely said, “I am not going to exploit my opponent’s youth and inexperience for political purposes.”

“It completely turned the debate around and Reagan emerged victorious,” says Dominique Simonnet, author of “September 11, the Day of Chaos,” and “Secrets of the White House” (Perrin).

Donald Trump’s legal issues: real?
In addition to age, presidential candidates‘ judicial convictions are discussed.

Americans never had to decide whether to give a former president with a criminal record the White House keys. Trump, who will be sentenced in New York on July 11 for the Stormy Daniels affair, faces prison.

Democrats hope to contrast a non-charismatic but capable Joe Biden with a temperamental and lying predecessor.

“We must wait for July 11’s sanction to see how his supporters react,” says Agnès Trouillet. “Some said they may change their thoughts after conviction, but things haven’t changed much. A severe penalty may change the outcome “she says.

Joe Biden has been blamed for his son Hunter’s legal issues. “The Republicans pushed for [him] to be prosecuted,” Dominique Simonnet said of Hunter Biden’s gun possession conviction and tax trials. “This has left a stain on the reputation of a clean-cut Biden, who has a good mandate, a good economic result, but who is still struggling to be recognized by Americans.”

Donald Trump faces four criminal trials. He is also accused of attempting vote manipulation in Georgia in 2020, the Capitol attack in Washington, and mishandling confidential information at Mar-a-Lago.–capsule-price-in-usa-730633875–u42616706\


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