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‘The Three Body Problem’ was Netflix’s long-term bet. Not doing so well.

By b0oua Mar 30, 2024

After ‘The Knights,’ the series that was created by the same people who were responsible for ‘Game of Thrones’ comes in second place.

The ratings for the previous week have been made public by Netflix, as they do every Wednesday. Unfortunately, there is some bad news for “The Three Body Problem,” an ambitious science fiction series created by David Benioff and DB Weiss.

]The project has not even topped the list of the most watched English-language series in its first week of release. This position is still held by “The Knights,” which, with 11,700,000 views, is considerably higher than the 11 million views that the science fiction series has received.

Although the numbers are not insignificant (it has achieved the number one spot in a significant number of the 93 countries in which it has reached the top ten), it is evident that the results of Netflix’s efforts are not achieving the level of success that was anticipated.

Otras dos grandes series recientes, ‘One Piece’ and ‘Avatar: La leyenda de Aang,’ made their premiere with cifras that amounted to approximately twenty-three million viewers, with both of them reaching the number one spot on the list of most watched shows and remaining there for a number of weeks.

As a result of the fact that both adaptations of anime have been renewed for successive seasons (in the case of “Avatar,” for two more seasons) after just one or two weeks of airing, we are left wondering whether or not “El problema de los tres cuerpos” would be able to take advantage of the same good fortune in a short amount of time.

In the event that we do not achieve our goals, we will be confronted with a lack of alternatives: not only has the series brought about a substantial investment, but the contract between Benioff and Weiss has also compelled Netflix to pay a sum of two hundred million dollars in order to get exclusive rights to the series.

To this, we may add the significant expenditure that Netflix has made in order to promote the series, which is much higher than what is often done. in ejemplo, in numerosas pantallas en la calle en 28 ciudades de todo el globe, as remembered by Deadline, one was able to see the message “Sois insectos,” which was a reference to one of the most important moments of the fifth episode. Among the many other enclaves, the message was seen at places such as stations, bus stops, digital vallas, and a great number of other places.

A greater amount of visibility has also been given to the series of regular events, through the use of publicity and appearances at events such as the South by Southwest festival taking place in Austin. In that particular location, an ostensibly three-dimensional hologram was displayed in one of the most prominent streets of the city. Within this spectacle, one was able to observe one of the human-like encarnations of the aliens that were featured in the series.

Taking everything into consideration, the series has been able to generate an interest among viewers that is comparable to that of their other recent successes. In spite of the fact that its first release, an influential execution that took place during the Cultural Revolution in China over the course of several decades, was widely disseminated on social media, there has not been a great deal of movement on the series. The hashtags that are associated with the production, such as “#bodyproblem,” have not yet become a trend despite their popularity.

It is possible that the problem is a more intense and less exciting focus than the one of other programs on the platform, and that it has maybe been aimed at attracting viewers who were hoping for a story about space invasions to be presented to them.

A pequeño tropiezo, despite the fact that its content of science fiction is not as close to what is presented in the original book by Liu Cixin, causes us to wonder whether Netflix will continue to support series like this one, which offer alternative narratives to the ones that are typically found on Netflix.–6607aede8baa1#goto5689

By b0oua

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