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The story of the “war” that broke out between the robbers and the people living in Krusha e Madhe

By b0oua Feb 29, 2024

In the yard, 70 gunshot casings were discovered, some of which were inside the home of Bashkim Duraku in Krushë e Madhe, Rahovec.On Saturday night, February 24, 2024, numerous shots were fired in the direction of Durak’s residence.

There were bullet holes all over the house’s wall.According to Bashkimi’s family member Selami Duraku, there was an attempt at armed robbery by unidentified individuals. But this did not occur as a result of gunfire between the family members and the alleged robbers.

The pictures from depict the weapons being fired nonstop in the direction of the attacked residence.The incident was first reported as an attempted robbery, but after four persons were taken into custody, the matter is now being looked into as an attempted murder and unlawful possession of a firearm.

“We quickly fled this area as soon as we heard gunfire because we were close to the house. Duraku remembers the evening of February 24, 2024, “When we came out, but the crises had created them, we met the Union and the Faithful, here the Union tells us how the case happened.”He describes how his relative, Bashkimi, heard some suspicious activity and hurried to his residence.

“After leaving this house, he proceeded down the street, smoked a cigarette, and then, at around 11:00 or 10:40, depending on the hour, he stepped out to the square and observed four persons. “You turn back, go home, and enter the house with an embrace when you see some people here nearby,” Selami Duraku explains.He goes on to say that his children, who had been asleep, wake up to the ruckus as soon as Bashkimi enters the house.

Duraku claims that the suspects begin firing toward the children’s window after turning on the light in the room where they were.Duraku says, “When the children shine a light up there, in the room upstairs, they shoot in the children’s room there.

” He also says that Bashkimi, his uncle’s kid, climbs to the house’s ceiling and takes the gun there.”This one goes upstairs to the ceiling, there he also gets weapons, when he also gets weapons, he starts kneeling in the direction of those (robbers), they immediately start straight at the window of Bashkimi” – Duraku adds.Then he adds that Bashkimi’s brother Besnik visits the backyard as well throughout the entire affair.

It appears from the film taken at the scene that Besnik had luck on his side. A bullet that was fired toward his automobile went through the window and nearly struck him.Selami Durak claims that Besnik only had a scratch on his head when the bullet struck the car window.

Arrested are Besnik and Bashkim Duraku. This is as a result of the police discovering guns on them for which they lacked a permission.”They had been held for a month after the second person was apprehended.

Their relative stated, “As far as we know from the Police, supposedly for weapons or what, they have their own duties.”However, the Kosovo Police have revealed that, as a result of the event, four individuals were placed in handcuffs.

The family members experienced severe emotional distress as a result of what transpired on Saturday night, but fortunately the incident concluded without any casualties.”This place is home to seven people.

Additionally, there are kids—three-month-old kids. They are now frightened kids, and instead of sleeping at home in the evenings, they go to their brother,” Selami Duraku stated.Selami Duraku, his two family members, is awaiting their release. They are, he claims, waiting for justice to do its purpose.

“Justice carries out its own, perhaps those own procedures, we do not interfere with justice, but we are happy that they (family members) were released because in their own home, in defense, there is nowhere to go beyond the home” – he stated.

The Prosecutor’s Office of Gjakova responded to by stating that all required investigative steps are being carried out in tandem with the Police.Until the publication of this article, was unable to receive a response from the Court of Gjakova regarding the actions that have been taken.

By b0oua

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