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The British royal family suffers again on today’s magazine covers.

By b0oua Mar 4, 2024

If it is Monday, you are aware of the best way to begin the week: by looking at the covers of gossip magazines. Simply said, there is nothing that we enjoy more than a delicious salsa, and that is precisely why we present it to you.

The terrible news is that the British royal family is not going to stop with the calamities that they have been experiencing, but this time it is more than simply sauce. Because of all that has been occurring to them as of late, they are completely and utterly heartbroken.

The illness of Charles III, the uncertainties over Kate Middleton’s health, and now the passing of Gabriella Windsor’s husband are all things that have been going on. Everything is revealed to you… in the back of the book!

Gabriella Windsor’s husband, who was only 45 years old when he passed away, was one of the most cherished members of the British royal family. His passing has left the family in utter disarray. The fact that this loss has occurred lends credence to the belief that all members of the Royal

House are under a curse and that they are currently living through yet another “annus horribilis.” During the time when Carlos III was undergoing treatment for cancer, his son William was concerned about the health of his wife, Kate Middleton. This is how Carlos III perceived it.

The fact that Carmen Borrego is one of the remaining verified participants in ‘Survivors’ is causing her to feel an overwhelming sense of fear. In addition to the fact that she is going to miss her grandson Marc very much and that she is very afraid of grieving the death of her mother in Honduras, the collaborator says that she has many phobias that are incompatible with the competition. She also says that she is very afraid of grieving the death of her mother in Honduras, because she has kept my mind entertained in Spain with so much work.

Last but not least, Victoria Federica took the plunge into the world of television by taking part in the show ‘El Desafío’. Within the context of this occasion, the granddaughter of King Juan Carlos views it as the ideal chance for people outside of her family to become acquainted with her.

Lucía Sánchez has emerged victorious in the competition known as ‘GH Dúo’. Telecinco made the decision to postpone the transmission of the final for a few more days, which resulted in a few days of maximum excitement. Finally, we were able to determine who would emerge victorious in the competition for the briefcase: Asraf or Lucía.

The team that has placed their faith in me, as well as my kid, are the recipients of my dedication. As the winner put it, “I never in a million years would have imagined it, and I promise to improve and become a better person.”

Samantha, Antonio Tejado’s lover, paid him a visit when he was incarcerated. This was a very significant occasion for him. As she arrived at the jail with the collaborator’s mother and brother, who have been the individuals who had visited him the most while he was incarcerated, the cameras at the facility filmed her arrival. The answer is yes; they have seen each other, but with a glass in between them. The fact that she was able to meet him first thing this Sunday is something that will become a regular occurrence from this point forward, as Emma explained in ‘Fiesta’,”

The week of October 25, 2023, you will find all of these salsas and more at your kiosk. In addition, of course, we will be covering all of the news, fashion, beauty, and other topics with our signature sense of humor here at


By b0oua

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